Longport NJ Pre & Post Sandy Photos at 11th Street

Yesterday I wanted to go out for a drive. I hadn’t been down to Longport since before Sandy hit and I wanted to go check out my sister’s house as well as 11th Street. My sister’s house is being renovated so I won’t be showing any of those pixs. There was minor damage that was still visible. The Rite Aid was still closed, as well as the Wawa.

There was still sand bags near doorways, and a few signs for Sandy to stay away. There were a lot of Sunday drivers, looking for summer rentals and storm damage. Here are a series of photos of before Sandy and after Sandy. Most of the damage done by Sandy was interior, and since I’ve seen my sisters house, and she was a block from the bay, I would say these houses suffered immensely.

  Day before Sandy Hit
 Day before Sandy Hit – Those bushes are gone now, which is not a surprise
Yesterday. These were two houses that were on the news where you saw water surround the grand piano.
  Day before Sandy Hit
Yesterday. The hurrican shutter seemed to work on the house closest to the right, but not on the windows to the immediate left of them.
a lot of the reef rocks are missing from 11st Street. A few were in the street.
 Day before Sandy Hit
Yesterday. Every house had a dumpster outside
 The beach and dunes are gone now.

 All of these houses had water on the first floor.

 Atlantic City in the background.

 Many of the high rises on the island are still without power as their electrical equipment was on the first floor.  This one had a generator operating it. There are a few bayside that are still operating on generators.

 I had to get back to the City, but wanted to take a scenic drive through Ocean City. Caught this biker on the bridge. Yes I was driving when I shot this, don’t tell Mike he gets so bent out of shape when I do those things.

 Cute toll collector.

Last night I headed over to Keven Parker’s Grand Opening of his Soul Food Cafe at Reading Terminal. I did a little column about it, check it out here.