Fashion Friday Night Out – Kembrel’s Replica is Brillant and US U.S. Parties PLUS A RAW Deal

It seemed like it was Fashion Friday Night Out last week as the FBH Philadelphia Fashion Week hosted their 2nd night of runway delectable’s in Northern Liberties and I found myself  running to a few spots in town.

I knew it would be a fun night of fashion as I ran into Sabir Peele as I exited the bus. Sabir is the founder and creative director of the popular Men’s Style Pro blog, where
he models the latest in men’s fashion and doles out advice. It’s a family affair as his wife takes all the photos for the site. Recently he came out with his own shoe line, which he tells me is doing well.

Mike and I hit Kembrel first for their one year anniversary.

Kembrel has two stores in the City, the other is near 12th and Locust. They sell men’s and women’s clothes and accessories. I saw a lot of great shirts, for Mike, cause you know I only wear black.

Chad Boonswang and Ron Hansen

Katie English and Christie Honigman arrive to go party hopping with us.  These two gals could have their own blog with the styles they wear every day.

Fashion Forward
The gift bag is coming back. During the height of the recession, gift bags seemed to have disappeared, now they’re back. That’s a good sign.

Then we headed over to Replica Creative for the PHS Flower Show with  PHS President, Drew Becher, Keith Leaphart, brand manager at Replica Creative and The Philadelphia Flower Show 2013 chair Steven Bessellieu  with an
hourly light and sound show.

PHS officials, Sam Lemheney, Lisa Stefano and guest

The largest indoor flower show in the nation, the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is going to be “Brilliant!” in its 184th year.
Capturing the majestic beauty and creative inspiration of Great
Britain, displays at this year’s Flower Show will pay tribute to
centuries of inspiring, influential design sense of London.
Visitors will be greeted by the scent of thousands of English roses
at the Royal palace gates, which open to the show’s grand centerpiece: a
sculptural, digitally enhanced rendition of Big Ben, complete

Then we headed over to the US*U.S One Year Anniversary Party.
Jeffrey Bussmann and designer Lobo Mau Designer Nicole Haddad 
Donna Mitchell wearing designer Lele Tran

@ Us U. S. ONE YEAR Anniversary party in old city w/@chonigman @kerryE @kristynmarie22  and KatieEnglish and designer Lele Tran showing the girls all the different ways you can wear her custom mad scarf. There’s at least 4 ways. Here’s a fun article on about Lele and her unique showroom.

Ian Michael Crumm, Mr John and Donna Cristino
Christie Honigman, Katie English, Kristyn Aldrich and Kerry English
Ross Ericsson, Laura Galindo, and Brent Ericsson

Frederick Calalang is the City Director for RAW: natural born artists Philadelphia and designer Mariel Rojo. THE RUMORS ARE TRUE! BOYD TINSLEY OF DAVE
MATTHEWS BAND is playing a show at RAW, and they are screening his
new film Faces In The Mirror.
As usual RAW is pullin’ out all the stops for our live show; with 4 bands, fashion designers showcasing
on the runway, body painters, visual artists, painters, photographers,
and more. So come see Philly’s version of America’s Got Talent tomorrow
at LIT

 Then we headed over to Ela for dinner. Kristyn, Kerry, Christie, Kory, Teresa, Katie and Mike