14th Annual Black-Tie GayBINGO at the Crystal Tea Room – Favorite Straight Person Award

little bit of glam, a lot of fabulous, and a whirlwind of fun greeted guests at the 14th Annual Black-Tie GayBINGO presented by PECO, where
all the funds raised go to
HIV/AIDS services
right here in the Greater Philadelphia region, took place last Friday at 6:30 pm on Friday, March 1, 2013, at the elegant Crystal Tea
Room. (The same night as the Flower Show Gala)

Verifying Divas (BVDs), were dressed in
glamorous drag to entertain the crowd and ensure everyone has laughs and
a great time while raising funds for HIV and AIDS. At this year’s
event, AIDS Fund will award the “Favorite Straight Person of the Year”
to former State Representative Babette Josephs. In addition, the
Founders’ Award will be presented to Michael Byrne (r) and the Ferrara
Family Volunteer Award will be presented to Afríca Jones. 
Small Wonder, Messapotamia Lafae, Sara Kelly, Anita Manhattan and Carlotta Ttendant (Mistress of Ceremonies) 

“Favorite Straight Person of the Year”
to former State Representative Babette Josephs with Robb Reichard, AIDS Fund executive director.

Anthony Brillo, Dan Krewson, Bruce Yelk, NightLife Gay check out his new party with Noel Zayas “SuperSt*r” on March 16, at Fire & Ice 312 Market Street, and Alexander Kacala (Tammy Faymous) –

 Henry Fredericks and Amy Senerth

 Marsha Wolf and Arnie Liguiri (He’s the Bingo Ball Boy)

 Anita Manhattan, Robb Reichard, AIDS Fund executive director and  the Ferrara Family Volunteer Award will be presented to Afríca Jones.
Keith Lampman and David Jenkins, Mr Queer Philadelphia (I must have missed that contest, is there a swimsuit category?)
2013 Favorite Straight Person of the Year, former State Representative
Babette Josephs, represented the 182nd Legislative District of
Philadelphia from 1984 through 2012, encompassing Center City and South
Philadelphia, including the section informally known as the
“Gayborhood.” She has a long-standing reputation as a lawmaker dedicated
to supporting and advocating for LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS services. In
the late 1980s, Josephs helped create the first line item in the Pennsylvania state budget allocating $1 million for HIV/AIDS preventive education and counseling. Babette told me that this shot kinda reminded her of the long and short of politics in Pennsylvania.(with Julienne Fries -L )

 Matt Beierschmitt, AIDS Fund, watches over the extensive silent auction table
Interesting the only item I photographed was this hand drawn Valerie Harper “Rhoda” item. The bidding was up to $75. I should have bid on it cause I love Valerie Harper, and have photographed her in NYC before. So sad that she’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor and only has 3 months left to live.
 Harry Fredericks and Amy Senerth

Crystal Tea Room Maitre’d Miguel Gaubert, and John Hollingshead, as a surprise the Ferrara Family Volunteer Award was also given to long time volunteer Hollingshead who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to volunteer for the AIDS Fund, and also choreographs teh BVD’s which I can’t even imagine what that’s like with those beautiful divas.

 Monica Gibbs, Serena Williams, and Janine Michaux, all of Lundy Law

 Candice Thompson and Michael Pornate, with Chris Bartlett, Executive Director , Executive Director of William Way peeking between the two.

 Donna Mae and ?,

The AIDS Fund grant program supports organizations in the Philadelphia Region that provide AIDS and HIV-related services, education, and prevention including increasing public awareness of HIV/AIDS issues.  AIDS Fund is the producer of AIDS Walk Philly, GayBINGO, and other fundraising and awareness programs throughout the year.  The 27h Annual AIDS Walk Philly will take place on Sunday, October 20, 2013.  Follow AIDS Fund on Facebook and Twitter:,

 Kevin and Melissa Blanton, Kevin is with Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP who were one of the sponsors of the evening. He is also on the board of the AIDS Fund.


Let the games begin as Carlotta Ttendant, Arnie and Mary Walker and Mary Krick from PECO celebrate someone getting a bingo…Fun times.  Here’s the schedule for the rest of the year’s non black tie bingo nights at the Gershman Y (401 S. Broad)