100 Black women – 27th Annual Madam CJ. Walker Awards Luncheon at The Loews Hotel

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc Pennsylvania Chapter presented its 24th Annual Madam CJ Walker Awards and Luncheon and Economic Development Seminar at the Loews Hotel on Saturday.

The NCBW-PA Chapter is an advocacy organization that advocates on behalf of women of color, through national and local actions, as well as strategic alliances that promote leadership development and gender equity in health, education, economic development and political aw3areness.  Before the luncheon guests participated in workshops, seminars and enjoyed networking with other guests in a shopping exhibit room.

 DA Seth Williams and Darisha Miller, Darisha Media, who tells me to go check out her clients fine luxury Mi Piaci 24kt Gold leather collection of purses, which can be seen on the lower level of Le Bec Fin.

Tiffany Taveres, PECO and Megan Smith, Brownstone PR (Later in the evening Megan and I would be dancing the night away at The Red Ball. Check the pics out in my social column at
 Fashion Forward Star of the weekend: Jennifer M Thomas
 Ms. Tonya R Comer, Associate ASID with Michael Brown and Denna Comer

Bram and Rakia Reynolds (less than 24hrs earlier all of us were at the UNCF Inaugural Mayor’s Masquerade Ball, which I will be writing about the event in my Out and About column on today.)

 Dawn Chisim, was looking forward to her first Madam CJ. Walker, and was in awe of all the successful women in one room. Very inspirational.
Tanisha Odrick and former KYW3’s Elleanor Jean Hendley founded Teenshop Inc. Also spotted in the crowd, Councilwomen Blondell Reynolds Brown and Councilman James Kenney.


Katrina Moore-King, First Vice President and Robyn E Younger, President 

Sarah Breedlove, known as Madam C.J.Walker, was an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, regarded as the first female self made millionaire in America. 1867 – 1919

 Mayor Michael Nutter addresses the article in Philly Magazine for the second time in 24hrs when I was at an event, stating if Huber had come today to the 27th Annual Madam CJ. Walker Awards Luncheon he would see successful, productive, women who are entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters and sisters. – It is one thing to think something so destructive, but completely irresponsible to commit to paper and then publish it. Then he went on to thank the guests for inviting him and greeting all the dignataries in the room including Council women Blondell Reynolds Brown, various judges and other notable people.

 Mayor Michael Nutter greets 98 year old Anne Garrott, who also presented the first Garrott scholarship to a young lady for her college education.

 Monique Braxton, NBC10 Reporter, Daralene Jones, NBC10 Reporter, Anzio Williams, Vice President of News and Brittaney Shipp, NBC10 Meteorologist (Who Monique said is the first African American women to be a meteorologist at NBC10)

 Margaret Crumley and Vanessa Brown
 Pierra Pritchett, Stacey Thomas, Dominique McFadden, Amber Siher-Brown and mom
 Valeria Bullock, PECO and ChrisAnne Smith

 Rakia Reynolds, Skai Blue Media receives the PECO Power to the Community Award presented by Ramona Riscoe Benson, Corporate Relations Manager PECO, who called Rakia a women on the go, who has done amazing work with the City, and for her clients. She’s a mother, a wife and I (HughE) am proud to call her my friend. She’s compassionate, passionate, a friend, role model and mentor to me and others.

 Anika Lee Thompson-Staples, CEO, Ryan Foster Inc.

Nikkia Moss, Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Felicia Harris, Employment Network Chair at National Black MBA Association – Philadelphia Chapter. Both we’re excited to be in a room energized with successful role models.

 Cassandre Luberus, MBA co-chair of the luncheon, greets the guests and emphasizes the theme of the luncheon “Educate, Elevate, and Advocate”, while acknowledging the entrepreneurs in the room. (Shalimar Blakely, was the other co-chair.)

Including Florcy Morisset whose art gallery in Old City is the very successful, and philanthropic, Vivantart collection

Scholarship Recipients : Asha P. Wescott, Nakeisha Gamble and Tuera Felice Clark, who also received new laptops.