PIFA Reception Party Pixs – Time Machine – PIFA Suggestions

Mawr-based Hilarie and Mitchell Morgan hosted an exclusive reception at
their home on March 12, 6:30pm to 8pm, as a special thank you to the
supporting the 2013 PIFA Gala.  

 Sandy Marshall co-chair of the April 3 Gala, Kimmel Center President Anne Ewers and Hilarie Morgan

Over 55 people attended the event, which was catered by
 with Chef-Partner Jean-Marie LaCroix working that evening. 
Guests in attendance
included Kimmel Center President Anne Ewers, Senior Vice President of
the Kimmel Center Ed Cambron, Kimmel Board Chairman Paul Tufano, Sueyun
Pyo Locks,
Director of the Locks Gallery in Washington Square, renowned
Philadelphia ceramic sculptor Etta Winigrad,
Kimmel Board members (President and CEO of Mark Group Inc.)  Jeff
Bartos,  (Managing Director and Co-Founder of Context Capital Partners)
Ron Biscardi.  Director of Communications of The DOW Chemical Company
Paul Oakley
was also in attendance with his wife

 DOW is the sponsor of PIFA’s time machine and nightly musical free show (7pm and 10:30pm). (As it looked February 15) There will always be fun things happening in the Time Machine Plaza
Dianne and Jeff Rotwitt. Jeff tells me that his movie studio Sun City, West Chester, has a few projects, but is gearing up for a big movie to be shot here shortly. That would be great as it’s been kinda slow since the Liam Hemsworth (Miley Cyrus’ hopefully still fiance) wrapped up his film in December.
 Emily Biscardi, Tony Moore and Henri Moore

 David and Sandy Marshall, son Stephen Marshall and wife Nicole Marshall, with Anne Ewers. Sandy tells me that she and her committee have been working hard on the gala which will be on April 3, and tickets are still available. David’s been busy in Ohio, where he’s building a few hotels to keep up with the demand of the Marcellus Shale projects for the workers.

Michael Chobert and Barbara Katz Chobert.  Tell me the Gift of Life Party with A Purpose – Organ Donation  is 
FRIDAY, APRIL 26! That means early no after party for me as the next day is the PIFA Festival.

Ed Cambron Senior Vice President at Kimmel Center for the Performing Art, Hilarie Morgan, and Anne Ewers
Kim Balaschak and Suzanne Cohn
 Here is the Time Machine last night. I think it’s just about ready to blast off and tell us our future, as well as allow us to live in the past.  Here’s the info for PIFA. I’m looking forward to a few shows including the following which I highly recommend.

Wide Awake: A Civil War Cabaret  

The St. Matthew Passion

Everyone and I 

Life and Death of Harry Houdini

I just met two of the guys in this show, so I want to see it