AFTERNOON QUICKIE: Jose Garces Builds Out, Bru, Pumpkin, Miley Cyrus, The Corner and More fun tidbits

Hi, I have a few quickies to share with you today. Shot’s I haven’t tweeted as I either forgot, had more pressing shots to share or the stories needed more than 140 characters. Enjoy.

 At the end of Easter dinner on Sunday, no one wanted to cut into the lamb. I’ll have you know after I shot this, I de-headed him. Someone had to.
 Joe’s on Rittenhouse Square opened yesterday. I like that original name, the space is odd as it used to be an eyeglass place, but the location is to die for, ground floor right on the square and big windows.

 I noticed yesterday that the new Jose Garces restaurant at the Kimmel Center is beginning to take shape in the space where the old gift shop used to be. Originally this was to be a Wolfgang Restaurant, but Wolfgang was not happy that the kitchen was not going to be on the same floor as the restaurant, it’s upstairs.

 It really doesn’t matter how many people are in attendance, as long as you have lots and lots of press there to get the word out. I think having press conferences in the Shops of Liberty is a great place. It’s beautiful and after it’s done you can shop or get a Chick-fil-A meal from the food court on the remaining minutes before your boss calls and asks when your going to file the story. This is the kick off to the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival

 The Sports Cave (did you know I convinced them to change their name to this, it used to be called The Man Cave, they aren’t even a client, I just said basically I wasn’t a fan of The Man Cave as a name, it didn’t convey what they were about, anyway.) The Sports Cave is having Dave “The Hammer” Schultz in their store 4/5 12PM – 2PM. Tickets $20 for an autograph, and $5 for them to authenticate it, which is good for prints and stuff. (PS although taking a photo of him signing it is a good way too.) The Sports Cave is located in The Shops of Liberty Place (which by the way is my client)

 The Swann Fountain is usually turned on on Good Friday as the City
believes it’s after the last frost. When I went outside today it
felt like it might have been too soon.

 Miley Cyrus used to touch these buttons to go to her 24th floor apartment at the St James
 This was her view

 This was not her view, as she didn’t have the whole floor like the residents of the party I shot last night.

 Hello guest bedroom. Gorgeous. I was in heaven shooting this party, and everyone was so sweet.

 There’s public space outside of Pumpkin on South Street, located in the street.
 BRU put their sign up, kinda reminds me of Moulin Rouge (clever name BTW. It’s at 1318 Chestnut St.)

 The Scientologists, next door to Bru, left in a hurry. Looks like they dragged everything out through the main window

The Corner is no longer open for lunch, I guess because Chef John Taus is over at The Corner Foodery at 1710 Sansom Street

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