PIFA 2013 Gala, Insider Observations and the link to my Philly Mag Column

The other evening I attended the PIFA Gala 2013. It really was one of the top social events of the year. Many notable people were in attendance, including some of the most philanthropic people who fund many of the arts, culture and charities in our community. I’m honestly very honored to meet  people like that who touch our lives in ways we can’t imagine. Plus they are always so stylish, and cheery. This was an interesting event as it was dressy, but not in a black tie formal way. Even though everything was first class all the way, it was still laid back, artsy and a lot of fun.  For me it was one of those memorable nights which is right up there with the Barnes opening. Kudos to the organizers, Gala Chair Sandy Marshall and her committee.

The entertainment in Perelman and the Plaza was done by KARIN BACON, cityactivators inc., New York,NY. Just amazing. When you click on the link to my Philly Mag column (at the bottom I’ll have the link) you will be blown away by the “praying mantises”
 Catering was done by Jose Garces

 I did sneak a few bites, which I try not to do while I work. 1) I don’t want to miss a shot 2) I think it’s kinda rude to eat at the same time as the guests, who paid a couple hundred dollars to be at the event. I just feel uncomfortable doing it, but that’s me.

 It was a darn good looking crowd, packed and as you can see everyone had their best suits on, but it wasn’t a black tie. A few of the people spotted in the crowd included, Sidney and Caroline Kimmel, Sueyun Locks, director of the Locks Gallery, The geater Jerry Blavet, Kelly and Brad Helm, Laura Burkhart, Where Magazine, Rosemary Hankowsky, Andrew Greenblatt, Nicole Cashman and Nigel Richards, Senior Vice President of the Kimmel Center Ed Cambron, and Kim Balaschak, but to see who I photographed click on the Philly Mag link at the bottom

love, love, love this song by the evenings entertainment:  William Close and the Earth Harp Collective. The entertainment for the evening was William Close and the Earth Harp
Collective, which has a very ethereal sound especially with the Earth
Harp, which is the longest stringed instrument in the world, with
strings that extend up to 1,000 feet in length. The Earth Harp is played
using violin resin on cotton gloves and musical bows, it was created in
1999 by William Close, who is playing the wall drums in this clip.
Brian Kappra, Eventine Designs, Inc. did the magnificent decor/tableware for the evening.
  I am so blown away every time I attend an event he’s designed.

 PR for PIFA 2013 is: Nina
, Nina
Zucker Associates and Dafni D. Comerota  Public Relations, Kimmel Center

 Thanks to the Kimmel Center for provided the press with dinner. This doesn’t always happen, even when photo opportunities are on either side of the dinner hour. It’s a nice gesture.

The PIFA Time Machine comes to life twice at day, bringing an upbeat live show.  Diane Dalto Woosnam and Richard Woosnam are chairing the Mutter Museum Gala on Saturday night, which is always a fun event. Here they’re checking out a pachyderm which is part of the live show.  To read more about the PIFA Gala 2013, and who made my column, Click on the LINK HERE TO PULL UP PAGE.