Richie Ashburn Memorial Home Run and Phillies Phanatic Red Carpet Birthday Celebration

I was invited to the Richie Ashburn Memorial Home Runs for the Heart Media Day sponsored by The American Heart Association today, but couldn’t make it at the last minute as I had to prepare columns in Philly Mag Online and I took a few pixs off of Twitter to show you what its like. Also earlier this week


 I send photographer in training Mike Toub (r) and assistant Tim Young (l) to the Phillies Phanatic’s red carpet birthday celebration.

Jamie Apody, 6ABC

 Frank Lewis WOGL (r)

 Chris Stigall – 1210 AM Radio

 Kate Bilo CBS3
If you want to participate in Richie Ashburn Memorial May 6-7 go to
Thanks Mike and Tim for shooting this event, I was covering the Dancing with the Philly Stars. One problem I forgot to tell Mike how I match up the photos with the names I take down. But this is a visually event
 Jackie DiBruno, Scott Saver and Andrea DiBruno
 ‘s what the Phanatic calls the biggest event of the year – as local
celebrities and fans join the Phillies mascot for a Citizens Bank
Phillie Phanatic Birthday celebration and watch a preview of the Phanatic’s new film Time Travelin’ Phanatic, arriving in limousines for the big event.

 The Nichols Family
 Lots of families came out to support.
 I think it’s Marilyn Monroe, but it could be Dolly Parton too
 Jack Nicholson and Bill Cosby

 Sharon Pinkenson

There were on-field festivities too, and a captivating preview of the new Time Travelin’ Phanatic
on PhanaVision … a giant ShopRite birthday cake … a fan-signed,
giant-sized birthday card presented to the guest of honor
 Captain Sparrow was in town
 David Letterman and Ben Franklin

 I love the Phanatic – Happy Birthday!!