UPDATE: Adress and Jacque Ferber & Joan Shepp

I noticed a few weeks ago the building housing the very popular boutique Adresse was for sale. I meant to go inside and ask owner Stephanie Lutzo about it but was running off somewhere. 

Update: Adress only enjoyed Ferbers on Walnut Street “Pop-up” store for a week or so as they were waiting for their new place in Old City to open. But don’t fret, sources close to her tell me she will be moving to Walnut Street in early 2014.

As for Joan Shepp, my sources tell me that she should look at the old Adress store, and/or Chestnut Street. The rents will not be getting any cheaper on Walnut Street, even for a women of her stature who helped revitalized the street. Specifically they said “let the big monied corporations come in and rent up the street at $100 a foot, and let’s revitalize Chestnut street.”

As for Ferber, there are changes in store for them. Their marketing concept is changing I hear. Personally I really wish Joan Shepp would move into there and just share that window. It’s lovely.

Last night I walked by and most everything was removed.
 But great news, they’ve taken their store over to Philly’s answer to Rodeo Drive – Walnut Street, otherwise known as Rittenhouse Row. (The festival is 5/18/13) At that moment I was thinking 1708 where’s that on the street.  I can only recall one store vacancy on Walnut Street at the moment and that’s the
The old Puma Store at 1505 Walnut St [is closed]. (they left lock stock and barrel sometime in the last week, and have the ugliest cardboard up on the windows as if we were going to notice they were gone.)
 No, it’s across the street, next to Doc Martens 

 Adresse is now sharing store space with Jacques Ferber. What a great idea since fur is seasonable.

 The Center City showroom has been a fixture on Walnut Street since 1930’s and have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. They’ve even opened up a new store in Wayne, PA. Why didn’t Joan Shepp join forces with Ferber.

I recall a conversation with someone at the Joan Shepp’s a few weeks back, when they looked at the space, they told me they really wanted to have creative control over the window, especially during holiday time, which is the height of the fur season.  I love love love a Joan Shepp window so I can understand that thinking, even though it’s a great location and store set up. (The Ferbers own the building too) Today I called Joan Shepp to ask about a rumored moved to Chestnut St, the person who answered said Joan Shepp is not moving to Chestnut Street, and the PUMA store is too small, but it does have nice windows.

Joan Shepp would love to see you at their Accessory Fling today. 1616 Walnut Street
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