Fashion Friday: Street Style on East Passyunk Ave during Flavors on the Ave and Craft Balboa PLUS The POPE STOOD HERE

While attending the East Passyunk Ave Flavors event last week, then hitting the street to shop at Craft Balboa, the cute little name for the craft show that coincides with the restaurant event, I noticed that the style and relaxed atmosphere of the neighborhood reminds me of Greenwich Village, and East Village of the ’80s and ’90s. It was exciting, I love street style fashion especially when people mix and match clothes to create their own style.
I think every Friday from here on out I’m going to write a Fashion Friday Column.I think someone could write one on East Passyunk Avenue weekly. There’s so much happening there.

 I did, I told her I love your picnic cloth dress, she smiles. So adorable.
Marisa Brahney, News 12 Networks and Tony Muzyka, NBC10 at Flavors on the Avenue
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Seriously what a cute name.
Linda Belint selling ceramic wearables, and Chase Brown, who makes ceramic flasks, Wrongworld Ceramics
Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll selling his merchandise at Crafty Balboa. He looks great.
As my friends shopped I observed the fashion along the Avenue. How about these pom-poms on those boots. Now mind you, it was 75F, but she loves those boots in any kind of weather, and they look cute, thoughts?
East Passyunk Stroll

I’ve met Brenda Board of the Oliver & Company Tea Room a few times. I love her concept and they’ve been doing gang buster business at her little tea shop on the Avenue. She’s with a little lady we met 2 months ago, Elissa K Kara, Owner/Artist of Nice Things Handmade

My friends Jen Carroll and Madison Alpern joined me for a stroll on the Avenue after Flavors, and we found this cute little “Pop-Up” “antique store” and Rosalie Pinto. We noticed she had several Pope John Paul II items, collected  when the Pope spent two days in Philadelphia in October 1979. She was selling pieces of a rug that he stood on at the Cathedral for only $.25, I bought us all a little piece of history.