Paine’s Park is not a replacement for LOVE Park, but

After many years of advocacy, fundraising and project development,
Paine’s Park broke ground on October, 12th, 2012 with an anticiapted
ribbon cutting date of May 22, 2013!

After getting my invitation for the VIP Opening Night Party next week

I decided to see what it looked like this week
and the workers are busy busy laying out it
See where those ladies are walking, that’s the existing Schuylkill River Park path, and beyond that is the river. It’s nice to see this section get developed as over the years so many things were promised to be built here.

When it was designed by Anthony Bracali and Brian Nugent they incorporated a few of the trees that existed on the site, and added beautiful landscaping to make it attractive, hopefully people will respect the park and it won’t end up like

 the FDR skateboard park

Bittenbender Construction built the pedestrian friendly skateboard park
There’s access to the river and walk from The Parkway through the skateboard park. The construction foreman told me there would be plenty of places for people to sit and watch the action. He said it’s not only a skateboarding park, but a park itself.

Did you know that Bittenbender Construction also built the Sister Cities park and Franklin Square Park
Paine’s Park is not a replacement for LOVE Park. It is an evolution of
the lessons about skateboarding in public space, the development of new
ideas about recreation and public space in cities and towns around the
world, and something new altogether: a beautiful public gathering point
on a priceless site that welcomes skateboarding as its primary reason
for being.