ANNE KLEIN HAS CLOSED, L&I Sticker on Bettie Page, & UTRCHT ON THE MOVE – Walnut Street Stories

You know I love my Walnut Street Center City Stroll’s, stories are everywhere, and yesterday was no different.

 I was headed to John Wind’s new art exhibit at the James Oliver Gallery in Old City and couldn’t believe the gates were closed on Anne Klein (1711 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 ) at 5PM on a Friday night

 I got up close and discovered they have packed up lock stock and barrell and left Walnut Street. Of course I instagramed

tweeted and facebooked that sh8t as soon as possible cause I don’t think Anne Klein gave our City a fair chance, especially after coming into town, 

completely renovating the Jones New York to create a vintage Anne Klein store.

About an hour later Philly Inquirer Fashion Maven Elizabeth Wellington tweeted that Stuart Weitzman is going to fill the old Anne Klein/Jones of NY space on Walnut Street


I predict he’s going to check out the space when he visits on

On Wednesday, June 12 at 7:00 p.m., as he’s appearing at the National Museum of American History to inaugurate their new speaker series, Dreamers and Doers, with entrepreneur and shoe designer Stuart Weitzman. (which I just happened to get an email about earlier in the day.)


 A little further down the street I noticed a L&I sticker on Bettie Page and it says everyone in this building has to cease working.
 I asked the clerk inside and she said it was for the construction that is going on in the building and not for their store. No one has asked them to leave. OK but the stickers on your window, is that normal practice to smack it up
 Ulta is just about to open
 I took this shot earlier in the week, and last nite the windows were papered up so they must be working on the big reveal, I bet it’s gonna be this week.

Blick Art Materials has acquired Utrecht Art Supplies and now the store at 2020 Chestnut Street is merging with the store on the 1300 block of Chestnut Street on June 2.  If only Joan Shepp wanted Chestnut Street cause this place has big windows.  OK I have more stories about new retail in and around Walnut Street but I’m outta here. Have an awesome day, go out and ignore those clouds. Be safe, HughE