NEW RESTAURANT ON 700 BLOCK OF CHESTNUT STREET – Still trying to get the new Restaurant Row Kicked Off


 A few years back this was supposed to be Philly’s version of the NYC “Green House”, a vip eco friendly, celebrity sighting hot spot in the Big Apple. Those plans fell through. So it lingered for a while.

 Last week I went to the John Wind Art Exhibit Opening at the James Oliver Gallery, which was two doors down. That was a good outing as I discovered and tweeted the story about Anne Klein closing, anyway I saw work is being done in the old Philadelphia Blue Print building at

 725 Chestnut St

They even have a floor plans of what the restaurant says, but no more info and no one has gotten back to me this eve of Memorial Day Weekend. Any clues on what is going to house this space with it’s 10 tables and impressive bar?