Birthday Parties Abound Last Week…

Last Thursday, what seemed to be the last day of Spring before winter set in, I headed to the Wall Ball at Vie with Dr J, which I covered for HERE

 Afterwards I headed to Stratus Lounge (I honestly think it’s the best outdoor space to party. Plus DJ Eddie Tully spins every Sunday Funday afternoon)to celebrate Stacey Kracher’s birthday cocktail party. As is the case where ever Stacey is, she was surrounded by lovely ladies…Allison Smith, Aida Strata, Stacey,  Monique Elena Andes, Zeli Colón-Pennock and Lisa Parker

 Elaine R. Grabar,   Jin Hee Park, Marcela Herrera, Simon T Wong

Monique Elena Andes and Ray Pennachia
Charlie and Donna Pasquale with Sabrina Strickland and Mike Dee happen to be celebrating Charlie’s bday at Stratus too. They were in the Mist Room.
With a few friends
Janice Simonsen and friend. (I love me some Stratus, speaking about Dr J, remember a few weeks ago I photographed Dr J’s 30th Anniversary of the 76ers Championship there. You can rent the space out for big parties, or small ones.)

Then I zipped over to East Passyunk Ave to celebrate Kory Aversa‘s big birthday (with his boyfriend, Dash). His client Miss Good Cupcake rolled out her new cupcake truck and served the crowd, which included the monthly QOTA crew, over 400 free cupcakes. Happy Birthday to all my friends. Sorry I couldn’t spend a quantity of time with you each, but I do believe it was quality.