NEW FOOD TRUCK COMING TO TOWN, Update on Industry XIX and Brent Celek’s Prime Stache is delicious

The other day I got a text from my friend Brent Celek asking me to come check out his new restaurant

Prime Stache, an American bistro, at 110 Chestnut St. in Old City. So Mike and I headed over last night.
Outside the restaurant is a very simple sign, er mustache. Which marks the door at  110 Chestnut St. It’s almost like a symbol of the new Old City, laid back and quiet. Over the past couple years its as if Old City wanted to be the new South St with bar hopping kids, and fights at closing time. These days the community has come together and quell that activity. Lately the restaurant scene has really come alive, and the bar scene and calmed down a bit. 
 Anyway, that was just what I’ve been noticing lately as I see restaurants like Roe and Luca Cena’s Revolution House open, the news that Han Dynasty is taking over the old Reserve, and long time favorite restaurants have hired notable chefs like Gina Rodriquez over at Serrano.
 Brent Celek was there eating with a few folks I know, Ben Haney, co-owner of Mac’s Tavern and Ron Donatucci and Dave Lafferty (next to Celek, who I just met last nite.)


 I started off with the chicken wings, there were 6 but Mike got impatient as I set up the shot and he ate one. He wasn’t a huge fan, as they were spicy, which I told him they would be. I liked them a lot.
 We both got the Salmon and broccoli. He raved and raved over it, and he would know salmon since he eats it at least three times a week. I also really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed the broccoli, and later the chef told me how he prepared them, which was clever.

  Mike also ordered the braised pork and mac & cheese. After one bite he immediately said we’d need to come back. This was his favorite dish to date. The prices are really reasonable, and are bill was $49, plus $10 for tip. 
The newly opened restaurant also has a generous size bar, with a very happy hour.
Before we left I wanted to chat with the Chef, and get a photo.
Chef Hee “Chino” Chang told me that they wanted Prime Stache to be similar to the relaxed atmosphere of a TGI Fridays in the early days; very simple delicious food, an American bistro, but not pretentious. A family fun place to hang out for a bite to eat. – I think they have it. The food was simple. affordable and delicious. A lot of thought went into their dishes too.  More good news, some of their food is coming to a curb near you. They are launching….
 The Prime Stache Food Truck. The paperwork has been filed, final preparations are underway and

 in about two weeks this baby is going to bring the most delicious Stache Burgers, Fish Tacos, Turkey Burgers, Meatball Sliders and more to you. Unfortunately they told me they won’t be able to sell my salmon out of the truck. I love the idea that there’s a possibility that this truck will be at The Vendy Awards next year;  Hopefully they’ll be parked at Love Park, and they plan to hit up the tailgate parties during football season at the Linc. Welcome to the Streets of Philadelphia!!


The restaurant opens at noon for lunch, dinner, and there’s a Sunday brunch. The Yelpers seem to really like the place too.

 Yesterday, I broke the story about L&I closing down Industry XIX a week ago on May 24, 2013 (I happened to walk by the day before and saw the sticker on the window) because they lacked a dance hall license. Last night I chatted with Little Pete, who owns the building, and happens to own a Little Pete’s in my condo building. (He always loves when I stop by and corner him.) The following is what I wrote my initial breaking story.

Update: I spoke to the owner of the building, Little Pete, who
used to operate one of his restaurants there, and he tells me it’s
L&I cited Industry XIX to basically to force them out of the building.  They weren’t paying rent, basically squatting, and the authorities had to get involved. A new tenant is coming in, Mac’s Tavern Rittenhouse. (BTW my info didn’t come from my friend Ben Haney, he hadn’t even seen my earlier article.) Anyway, the paperwork is signed, and sources close to the project tell me it’s just a matter of weeks before anything is officially announced.
Little Pete also tells me that the basement club, Emmaline, run by DJ Brendan Olkus, is also closed. Bring on Mac and Dee.

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