Yesterday was the Philadelphia Pride Parade, an event I’ve attended nearly every year since it’s inception 25 years ago. It’s important to me, to be out, to be visible, to show support for the GLBTQ etc community. People are still getting gay bashed, and even murdered over something I was born to be. I’m not going to get into the Bible discussion, I’m no longer someone who needs to prove myself to anyone that I’m loved by God just the way I am. I wish that had come to me years ago, as I wasted so much time trying to convince others. I am proud to be gay, ecstatic to have a partner of nearly 20 years that supports my incredible career, and I’m so grateful to Philly Pride’s Franny Price (Executive Director & owner of Spruce Street Video), Chuck Volz (Senior Advisor & owner of Finnegan’s Wake, a Philadelphia pub) for saving this institution, nurturing it and growing it to the huge success it is today. It’s the best “family” reunion of people who were there for me, sometimes when family didn’t understand me.

Dykes on Bikes
You can just listen to this as you read the entry, although it is fun to see Resort’s Casino’s 
“Joan Rivers” shout it out
 Henri David – with Grand Marshall Larry Felzer and Amber Hi
Rudy Flesher did an amazing job on MCing the parade. He should be Philly’s next Neil Patrick Harris, he is a great ad libber. Jim Donovan, CBS3 Philly – thank you for being out and for always supporting our community.

 Congrats to Franny
and her legions of supporters/volunteers who made yesterday a safe and
fabulous day to be 25 years proud of all we’ve accomplished as a
community; there are still so many great days ahead of us. Great job and
thanks everyone for coming out today! – John M Loesch Jr

We invite you to join The Attic on
November 16, 2013 at the Crystal Tea Room for a festive evening of
performances, awards, and dancing to celebrate 20 years of creating
opportunities for LGBTQ youth. 
The Attic began in 1993 as a small,
weekly support group, and has since grown into a nationally recognized,
multi-service youth organization that is one of the largest community
centers in the U.S. committed exclusively to serving LGBTQ youth and
allies.   There is a lot celebrate!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

 Cheer New York on Market Street Sunday

 So great to see my old softball asst coach John Fleur, who tells me he’s recently moved to Chicago and is loving life. It’s so evident in this photo, he looks great. So many great memories I have of playing for CBL and Spruce Street Video, with Philly Pride’s Franny Price & coach Mark Ratkus on my team.
 John C. Anderson Apartments in Philadelphia — LGBT-friendly low income senior housing.
Honestly Mark Segal didn’t have to pursue something as necessary for our community. I really admire he really went after this project for our aging community.

 Councilman Mark Squilla and supporters of Pride
 The Judges
 I always get chills at this point

 I don’t always understand, but I don’t judge. Everyone deserves respect.

How much would the Top of the Tower hate me if I got this confetti machine for my birthday?

 Miss’d America Pageant Sept 21 in Atlantic City

 Tom and Ed

Sorry I didn’t stay for the whole day, I had a prior commitment. Next year, I’m not going anywhere else.
 Woodbury Fire Department
video of 1989 Philly Pride Parade. Great to see a lot of my old friends, and Philly back in the day.