The Voice Foundation’s Annual Voices of Summer Gala 2013

Last week The Voice Foundation held it’s annual gala and symposium in Philadelphia at the Westin Hotel. 

The Voice Foundation is the world’s oldest and leading organization dedicated to the care and training of the human voice.

The black-tie event included the presentation of the Raymond and
Beverly Sackler Award to New Orleans music legend and Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame inductee Dr. John., here with Maria Russo, MM Executive Director.
Also honored were Anthony Laciura, “Eddie” on Boardwalk Empire and Vy Higginsen, Gospel for Teens producer (See CBS’s 60 Minutes!) and Susanne Mentzer, Metropolitan Opera star mezzo-soprano, here with Maria Russo and Dr. Robert Sataloff, Chairman (r) 
Dahlia Sataloff, Michael Goldberg and Justice Sandra Schultz Newman, Gala Chair

Many of the guests were excited to meet the guests of honors.

Christina van Lierde, Marla Behlau and Christina Jackson
Emily Scheurina and Tara Nixon
 Author Jerry Kaplan, Matt Edwards, and Edward Reisert, Choral Specialist, serves as an Executive Board member of the New York American Choral Directors Association
Renowned tap dancer David Pershica, Kathryn Hill,  Internationally known Lyric Mezzo Soprano and Dr John

The Voice Foundation’s
symposium brings together top vocal health professionals for a unique,
interdisciplinary opportunity to share the latest advances in scientific
and medical voice research. On Friday night after the week long events, the guests enjoy this annual gala to relax, mingle, and enjoy the talent of their fellow Scientists.
Barbara Caprilli and Nancy Solomon

of the most exciting elements of the gala, is when the visiting
scientists, doctors and guests entertain the crowds. Not only are these
people discovering ways to save vocal cords and careers, but they
themselves are talented in voice.
Barbara Caprilli


A little shaky, but in my defense the next day I had a fever of 101F, so I was coming down with something.

Danuta Nitecki, Jan Biras and Steve Hirsch – Drexel University
Vy HigginsenProducer – Radio Personality is founder
of the Mama Foundation and of

Gospel for Teens,
which has been highlighted three times by
CBS’s 60 Minutes; with The Voice Foundation’s
Dr. Robert Sataloff, Chairman

Ms Higginsen sister was Doris Troy, who wrote & sang “Just One Look” 

In March 1983, “Mama, I Want to Sing,” a musical based on Ms. Troy’s
life, opened at the Heckscher Theater in Harlem. Written by Ms. Troy’s
younger sister Vy Higginsen and Mr. Wydro, who is Ms. Higginsen’s
Mama, I Want to Sing was the longest running off-Broadway Black musical in American history.
Ms Troy can also be heard in the background of such great songs as the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” She passed away in 2004.

Anthony Laciura as
“Eddie” in HBO’s hit seris
Boardwalk Empire.
The actor is also a character
tenor with over 600
performances at the
Metropolitan Opera to his credit with The Voice Foundation’s
Dr. Robert Sataloff, Chairman
 Dr. John
 is a 5-time Grammy Award  winning musician whose  influence brought
New Orleans Jazz sounds to the
mainstream His number one hits are  recognizable to all: 
Such a Night, 
The Right Place,
but the Wrong Time

The Symposium and Gala are  in conjunction 
with Drexel University School of Medicine, Temple University, 
the Academy of Vocal Arts and the American Institute 
for Voice and Ear Research
After dinner, and the awards show, there was dancing. I’d call that a great night.
Thanks to The Voice Foundation for Having PhillyChitChat cover you again this year. I love that organizations like yours exist. What an extraordinary event, doctors, scientists gathering from all around the world to present papers on the world of voice. I always learn something fascinating at this event. I spoke with a young 16 year old girl who presented a paper on which voice level should be used when speaking to small dogs vs larger dogs.