Photos: Friends of Rittenhouse Square Patron Party

One hundred years ago 80 neighbors gathered in the
parlor of Miss Charlotte Siter, looked out her window at their
dilapidated green, and decided something must be done. So they retained a
French architect named Paul Cret to redesign their fraying common. His
vision included a reflecting pool inspired by the Luxembourg Gardens in
Paris and lawns as soft as Easter grass. That vision, like the village
green he left us, was exquisite. (PhillyMag)

 Fast forward 100 years and a group of neighbors have similar concerns for the centerpiece park, but this time it’s about restoration, and safety as they install new lighting throughout the park.

 Betsy Hummel president of Friends of Rittenhouse Square and Holden Hummel.
Our hosts who opened their beautiful home for the evening:
 Jody Nazarian and David Nazarian
Howard Shecter, Lynn Shecter, Mary Parenti and Richard Castor (Chairs of the Event)
Mary tells me 2013 is going to be an exciting year as it’s the 30th
anniversary of the ball, and it will also be the 100th anniversary since
the park’s founding.
 John Fries and Maureen Fries
Suzanne Roberts and Sharon Pinkenson
 Joan Hummel and Dennis Hummel checking out information on restoration of the
 Andrea Ehrlich and Alexander Ehrlich
 David Nazarian, host welcomes the guests
Joe Shanis and Carole Shanis
 Alan Sandman and John Pcsolar. The duo just returned from the Tuscany Villa which they bought last year at the Patron Party. They had a wonderful time with 4 of their friends, the countryside was gorgeous and the chef on staff made the most delicious meals.

Dana Rosen and Wendy Rosen
Friends of Rittenhouse Square Ball Committee
After many of the guests left Fred and Irene Shabel , guest and Mary Parenti broke into song covering “Sweet Caroline” Check out on Friday for photos from the Rittenhouse Square Ball Thursday night.