It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Wraps + Philly Celebrity Sightings + Congratulations

 This entry has a lot of spoiler alerts, as well as mentions what is the front runner retail that’s going into Daffy’s

A few weeks ago I told you about “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” ( IASIP) making their annual trek to film exterior shots for the long running TV show on the FX channel, (they did skip last year.) On twitter and then posted it on the right margin of

On Wednesday the cast and crew arrived and checked into the Sofitel Hotel, then Charlie Day (L)- ‘Charlie Kelly’ on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He’s the writer and executive producer of the series, which he created
in collaboration with friends Rob “Mac” McElhenney (2nd from right) and Glenn Howerton (2nd from left), Kaitlin “Sweet Dee” Olson (R) and Danny Devito “Frank” (front),  headed to Mac’s Tavern for lunch. (Which is owned by Rob and wife Kaitlin)
Later in the evening Rob, Charlie, Glen and Kaitlin headed over to Mac’s Tavern (226 Market Street) where “The Gang” was playing Quizzo. The bar/restaurant was filled with a lot of Mac’s hometown friends, yes Mac’s from Philly, South Philly. I was there that night and the place was packed. About 10:30PM “The Gang” won the themed “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” quizzo. They then chatted with the crowd, above is “Sweet Dee”, and then they posed for photos for everyone that wanted one.

 Call time was Thursday at 7AM. I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the Sofitel to catch the folks leaving to go to the set, which was at the end of the block. Somehow I missed them, they were all on set, I realized as I checked out 17th & Chestnut Streets. Guess they were on time, I wasn’t

 I immediately spotted Mac and Charlie Day near the Sephora store chatting.

The thing I really admire about the IASIP shoots, are they are one and done. They seem to set up, shoot it and move. It’s probably why they planned to only be in town for two days of shoots.
There were signs that said if you’re in this area you might be a “background extra” and no compensation would be paid out. 

Make-up – random guy walking by
Fans trying to get shots.

The cast gets ready for their scene, which is all of them walking up Chestnut Street towards 19th Street. This was about 815AM, on the day of the deracho, that never materialized, but nonetheless a series of storms were predicted to roll through about 9AM. To the left of the IASIP cast were local Philly SAG/AFTRA actors. 

The cast moves past Daffy’s shooting a scene. (BTW one of two stores is just about to sign to lease the Daffy’s space.  They’re taking their good old time getting it done, hope it’s going for a lot. I do know that one of the stores is a Nordstrom Rack, the other contender is not Century 21 if you’ve heard that rumor.  It’s also not Bloomie’s, although they looked at it, there was not enough space. Bloomingdale is definitely going into the Gallery. I’m standing by my original story that it’s going into Burlington Coat Factory space. And my money is on Nordstrom Rack )

Danny Devito on the set chatting with an extra. In this scene it called for his face to have blue paint on.
Danny was quite active while he was in town. Thursday, Danny bought lemonade from the Sofitel Alex’s Lemonade Stand, then he hit Liberte in the Sofitel for happy hour, posed for photos with anyone who asked. Then he and his crew headed over to Time on Sansom Street to enjoy the music and more spirits.
Friday afternoon Danny hung outside his hotel, Sofitel, with his bodyguard and posed for photos and signed autographs for anyone who asked. That night he headed across the street for dinner at Davio’s, before going back to the hotel to pack for his departure on Saturday.

Back to Thursday’s filming. In the afternoon Charlie Day and The Waitress shot a scene here at Milk & Honey (I love this place, to just chill, ok and it’s Apple Cake) at Sister Cities. Charlie was reading “War and Peace”, wearing a checkered hat and smoking a pipe. There was an exchange between him and the Waitress actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Did you know Charlie Day and The Waitress are married in real life, since March 4, 2006. At some point in the scene, Charlie stands up and says, “I can’t stand this anymore” and runs out.

Seann William Scott and Matthew Nadu on the banks of the Schuylkill River where IASIP filmed a few scenes on Friday morning. 
 In the first scene Seann William Scott and Mac filmed on the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. The 2nd scene had the whole case on the south side of the river. At one point SWS comes out of the Schuylkill, yuck. I’m not sure what role Nadu plays, but maybe he’s a stand in for Glen Howerton since his name is Dennis on the show. I was glad I could use the photo which was posted on his FB page, but those guys have to sign confidentiality agreements so I didn’t even ask him.
That evening the wrap party was held at Mac’s Tavern for the cast and crew. I hear everyone was there, but Danny DeVito (who was eating at Davio’s) and Glenn Howerton

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is moving to FXX for its 9th season this fall, so get ready for more depraved schemes from Philly’s favorite bar owners!

Here’s my appearance on Fox 29 Philadelphia last Friday chatting about “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and Michael Phelps. I’m so grateful that I get to appear on Good Day Philadelphia. It’s a bizarre turn of events that brought me here since I was paralegal for 20 years and thought, this is my life.
What’s interesting is, I did want to say a lot of this stuff, but as TV flows it doesn’t always happen. I love Mike Jerrick’s Phelp’s info, I had no idea. Keep the tips coming, and I will do good by them.

Check it out here. Thank you very much to all the tipsters who helped me piece together this story. I’m as curious about these things as you are. I’m just glad to share it.

Another popular golf peep in town & running up the Art Museum Steps –
Rory McIlroy who did the deed last week with his coach, wearing a Phillies hat.(Twitter)
Last week Sandra Day O’Connor Former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States was in town and made an appearance at the Philadelphia Bar Association. Kathleen D. Wilkinson, Chancellor of the 13,000-member Philadelphia Bar Association (l)

Congrats to Ten Pennies Florist who created this fathers day arrangement for Boyz II Men, R&B superstar Shawn Stockman from his kids. This week they’re providing the flowers for The Rolling Stones rooms
 My sister saw this at a picnic. I think it’s adorable.

 Congratulations to Dean Cafiero and Patricia Benitez on their marriage.
 I am so happy you found each other. (Photos taken from FB)

 Congratulations Mr and Mrs Harakidas

A few of my photos can be found on this article about the filming of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – HERE