PLEASE CALL TO UNCAP THE Pennsylvania Tax Film Credits -Call Leadership today to support uncapping the PA Film Tax credit.

It’s budget negotiation time again and we need your support to save the PA Film Production Tax Credit program!
year we are facing a particularly difficult budget negotiation with a
new administration and a very large state wide deficit.
Corbett needs to hear your message and understand the beneficial
economic impact the Film Tax Credit has on businesses in southwestern
Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth.
Please call the Governor and your local State Representative and State Senator. Tell them how the program has impacted YOU!
To make this process easy for you here are some helpful links:
Click HERE to find PA Senators and House of Representatives in your district.
Click HERE to find out how to reach Governor Tom Corbett.
You may use our SAMPLE LETTER to get you started.
film industry in our region needs the Film Tax Credit program for
continued growth. Please join us in saving this valuable program.