NYC PRIDE PARADE – People, Puppies, Fierce Fashion and Failures

Dykes on Bikes traditionally kicks off the parade

 Harry Belefonte
 Edie Windsor – Plaintiff in the DOMA case before
the Supreme Court decision which went Edie Windsor’s way Wednesday.

Now lesbian and gay American citizens will now be able to apply for
green cards on behalf of their foreign national spouses — just like any
other married couple. Now two people in love will be able to keep their
family together.
 It was a colorful day

This must have been the super hero part of the parade

 I love how these folks paid for a spot in the parade

 Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

 stink eye, but gal if you’re gonna walk around in a rainbow tutu expect to be photographed

 Lover her tiara on right
 Those tutu’s were popular fashion on Sunday

 I love when people take selfies

 He’s everywhere>>>> David Bursky
 Matching Boots

Cuter than rings?