This review is for the event itself, and not for the North Shore Beach Club (that’s a separate review already given), says

 Kaley Kyle and Akshay Menon

 Marissa R – I got to say, you can’t be disappointed by a free evening of lovely
Philadelphians – poolside – sipping on some tasty food and drinks by a
few of the hot restaurants in town! The vendors really were awesome, and
they were what made the night a blast. The “bartender” serving us
poolside sangria shots, the homemade gin couple from Pittsburgh, the
overflow of pita, hummus, guac, beer, etc. was awesome.

 Mike & Amie

Stacey S and Jim
I have yet to be disappointed at a Yelp Elite Event, and this is no
exception! Michelle C, you must be the best community manager Yelp has,
hands down! First off I have to say how much I absolutely LOVE how
involved you are 

 Clary and Chris


 Victoria, Brian and Kate

 Abbie D – Beer selections were spot on and the local food vendors were a lot of
 fun.  Mad kudos to Chef Luca, Revolution House and his OUT OF CONTROL Guacamole!! – With April

 Delia and Nicole – Bitar

 Maureen F and Andy F with Tim A and Puri
 Olivia, Megan and Julia with some guys: Tan by
 Skin Palette: Susie Celek and Julie Dorenbos

Michelle B- Since this was my 1st time at the North Shore Beach club I wasn’t sure
what to expect. It was a refreshing change of pace for an event.  I
appreciated how the numerous vendors were stationed mostly on the
perimeter of all the happenings. It gave ample space for people to walk
around comfortably to sample the variety of tasty food and services. I
was pleasantly surprised to see Mi Cumbia represented with free hand
massages as they talked about their mani/pedi services.. I am a FAN!!

 Tara Lewis (Regional Director of Marketing ) and Cara Lageson (!)
 Sara F, Nina S and Meghan
Michelle B. – Michelle C., what a fab summer event for us reviewers who spend many
hours giving so many business reviews, so others can make informed
opinions on services, establishments, customer service, et al.

To put it simple me & my + 1 had plain and simple FUN.

Rebecca S- Look, no offense to the many other cities internationally that are doing
the yelp thing, but Philadelphia is where it’s at. Last night was like
taking a little bit of everything awesome from this city, putting it in a
blender and spitting out nothing but fabulousness (I know it’s not a
word, it has a squiggle underneath it but for the sake of this review

seriously though, not a sourpuss in-house. San Diego transplant Leo was
first in the pool with his little floaty showing everyone how to get the
party started, though the party starter very well could have been Ron
who was running around greeting everyone with “hey hey asshole!”
Happiness was found at every turn from the best vendors in the city and
while I was admittedly skeptical upon hearing the choice venue based on
size vs the number of RSVP’s,


 the evening was kept at a manageable
number so that schmoozing, boozing, and eats were always easily
accessible. Absolutely astounding job yet again by Michelle, Enid, and
Northshore…if this was as close to a vacation setting as I’ll get this
summer, I’ll take it 🙂

Kim H. – My shirts off To Michelle and Yelp staff, vendors and North Shore
itself. In an event in which I was the most naked and wet that I’ve ever
been, here are the highlights.

– Sue G in a bikini
– Leo giving blowies in line
– the glowstick couple
– Jordan Ps hair splash.
– Ron Cs mustache
– Arts ” apple jacks”
– fantasies of splashing the shit out of the Spraytan Girls while screaming, ” Remember how mean you were to me in high school!”

David P. Check it out… a beach club full of Yelpers in the middle of NoLibs. A
DJ playin tunes all night. Dancin! Food everywhere! Drinks everywhere! A
pool! A pool! A pool! Dancin in the pool! Laughing! Relaxing! Where’d
the time go?!?!

Melissa P. –  Drumroll please for my fave bites and sips of the night…(although to
be fair it was more like full size portions and full cups, note to self:
1. Cucumber Soup from Couch Tomato. Basically drinkable tzatziki. Might even be worth a trip to the Yunk…
2. Pumpkin Curry from Circles. Even when they ran out, I got a cup of broth, cus duh.
3. Truffle Pizza (before even getting in!) from Nomad Pizza Truck.
4. Watermelon Sangria from Sassafras. refreshing. delicious. blueberries. (above: Neill from Sassafras)
5. Blueberry Cider…from…Art? Whoever provided the cider, it was great.
6. Fresh rolled sushi from Pod. So many kinds! So many rolls! So good!
and so many more!

 Rita’s Water Ice – and my Fox 29 fans. Thanks

Di P.–  FAVORITE Yelp Elite event fo’realzies. Thank you to all the vendors and
Yelp staff workin’ it because it was mad fab. At one point I was
lounging on the couch by the pool, feet up, shoes off, drink in hand,
man by my side, breeze in my afro, “Get Lucky” playing over the
speakers, the occasional splash from the other yelpers horsing around in
the pool and I thought to myself “This is literally the most relaxed
I’ve been in weeks!” and no wonder Don Draper does whatever he wants
with total disregard for everybody else because being a baller feels oh
so awesome.

Kelly C. – sassafras’ watermelon sangria was super fresh! think that was my fav
drank at the event– i also drank a lot of cider b/c the guy was beyond
ecstatic! jumping up n down promoting it like a cheerleader~ yeah he
reeled me in…

Charlene L. –  Special thanks to Michelle and Enid you really know how to party. All
the vendors were great especially Wigle Gin for teaching me the
distilling process

Barry E, Sara K, Michelle C, Gina R, Dash S, HughE D and Garrett O 
(Thanks Kory A for this photo)