Last week Slice Pizza and Q102 hosted


a Taylor Swift Ticket giveaway for her concert Friday and Saturday Night at Lincoln Financial Field.

Jason and Marlo Dilks, Marissa and Sandra
The Rucola and Pistachio Pizza
Olive oil topped with mozzarella and ricotta, finished with diced
tomato, arugula, pistachio and a hint of white truffle oil.

Large will be $21.99
Small will be $14.99

Fans started arriving around 6PM to pick up their raffle tickets. It was kinda neat as it was an actual raffle ticket stapled onto a “vip” bracelet that Angelina was receiving.
 Meghan Kelly and Rhiannon Resinly. Then the wait started, many of the peeps enjoyed the delicious slice pizza. I had the pepperoni.

 Ian and @BagGalAngyyy

 Lisa Formelio and Jade Cunningham
 Britt Rutter and Geena Carey
 Lauren Beaumont and Rose Beaumont

 Not only is Slice a pizza parlor, but they have a beautiful dining area too.

Cassie Scull was passing her time eating pizza, salad and studying for her GRE’s. That is a good use of time when “fanning out”.

 There were two drawings for tickets, and even if you didn’t win they had trivia for the fans to win other items.
 A good amount of people showed up in hopes of winning the tickets.

 Congrats to Emma Kern who won tickets to Friday’s Taylor Swift concert. She’s taking her dad Bill. That’s brother Ryan on the right.


Gabriel Demara and Elanna Vega

 The Q102 Crew – Steve Hellman, Amy Dombroski and Gianna Foschini
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