Celebrities in Philly: BIG TIME RUSH WAS IN A BIG TIME RUSH, and Justin Bieber Fans are left disappointed as he parties in NYC & takes home two girls

The whirlwind of the past couple of weeks. Originally I was supposed to chat about this on Fox 29’s, Good Day but ran out of time chatting up the Bieber. Then time slipped away, but I hear you twitter fan girls, you wanna see the photos. Here they are Big Time Rush who is in the middle of their Summer Break Tour, leaving the Sofitel Hotel at 17th and Sansom Streets.

It’s always a safe bet to find “celebrities” leaving their hotel at check out time: Here James Maslow heads to his bus at the Sofitel Hotel on last Tuesday
 Breaking a lot of girls hearts
 as he ignored their screams for a wave, photo or acknowledgement
Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson are cuing up in the vestibule of the Sofitel, waiting for their turn to unload their stuff on the bus.
I couldn’t tell if these were two bold fan girls, or co-stars on the bands successful  Nickelodeon

 Kendall Schmidt acknowledges the fans. Tells them he’ll unload his stuff and come back and pose for photos.

Logan Henderson and  Kendall Schmidt pose with the fans. Note to celebrities. This is the way it should be done, don’t pass your fans by; if you can’t do individual pics, do a group shot. Everyone is much happier.
 2 weeks ago this was the sad scene I found at the Four Seasons Hotel as Justin Bieber fans waited in vain for him to arrive.
 It was a very hot night, with temperatures in the 90s
but everyone, including moi, expected the Biebs to roll up at any minute.
The next day I stopped by again and the Bieb fans were out in force, some waited for over two days at the Four Seasons. A tour bus pulled up to the hotel after about 2hrs of moi waiting, some of the girls started to cry thinking they were finally going to see the man, but the driver said he was only there to pick up his security guard, masseuses and hairdresser Debbie
 Debbie, Biebers hair dresser. She collected gifts and letters for him

 Then a bunch of us ran over to the Palomar Hotel where the Bieber dancers and DJ TAY JAMES were staying. Here’s Michelle G getting a selfie

a fan and a dancer from Biebers concert. They stayed at the Palomar. Tonight where’s Beyonce, it’s anyone’s guess, but I’d put my money on no where. She’ll probably bus it or fly down from the Big Apple, put on her show and then leave.