FREE LIQUOR, SHOW US YOUR SHOES, Joan Shepp on the Move, Real Ice Cream Served in Rittenhouse, Mission Complete, So Long Sisters

 Shoe designer, Wharton grad Stuart Weitzman is just about to open his new shoe boutique at
1711 Walnut Street. I like the purple awning.

Check out the inside, gone is the gauche wallpaper when the space held the Anne Klein store. I love the exposed brick, and modern white furniture. Rumors have the store opening by the weekend.
The last time the former AAA Mid-Atlantic headquarters was chatted about in the news, Bradley Cooper‘s character had used it for his political office in the movie “Limitless”. Shortly after the filming stop the building underwent a complete renovation to become a first class, luxurious apartment building, by PMC Property Group. (During the construction of the new 280 one- and two-bedroom apartments building, the designers saw the potential of enclosing the excess space in front of the building, which at one time was gardens, but in this shot contains stones.) The new name 2040 Market Street
The results added crucial retail space which now holds a  National Penn Bank branch, on the right and

on the left, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) is opening a premium state store concept on August 14.

a new retail tenant, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
(PLCB) at 2040 Market Street. PLCB will open a premium state store
concept at the location in late Spring 2013. The store will occupy the
nearly 10,000 square foot Market Street space adjacent to a new National Penn Bank
branch on the ground floor of the recently refurbished and expanded
building.  – See more at:
 The store will occupy the nearly 10,000 square foot Market Street

August Hehemann, Director of Finance for PLCB, feels that this property in Philadelphia’s central business district is an ideal location for the new premier Fine Wine & Good Spirits store. The store will offer an extensive selection of premium wine and spirits in a consumer-friendly atmosphere featuring new, high-end displays and finishes. The centerpiece of the design will feature a communal table where shoppers can find a wine specialist, who will be on hand to answer questions about the products, assist with selections, and advise on food pairings (Source)
Stop by tomorrow for the ribbon cutting at 11AM, and stay all day for complimentary wine and spirit tastings all day.
My favorite: Parking $13 for the entire day. Clubbing in the Rittenhouse Sq area, this is a bargain.
Philly Flavors is finally opened in Rittenhouse Square at 44 S. 19th Street.. Colin Flatt at Eater Philly recommends getting a bowl of Birthday Cake ice cream.
Joan Shepp has signed. The new space is on Walnut Street in the only building that has awesome windows, besides Urban Outfitters. It’s a sweet spot to be Trading Places. Can you guess where?
After 17 years, Sisters the lesbian club on Chancellor Street closed abruptly yesterday. It’s a darn shame. This town has only been able to sustain one lesbian bar for decades. Before Sisters some of you may remember Hepburns & Sneakers.  The good news, these day’s with attitudes changing, we in the GLBTQ community can hang out in almost any bar we choose, although nothing can replace the safety, and comfort of a bar we call our own. (Check out this great article by Natalie Hope McDonald: The end of an era, saying goodbye to one of ‘s famous nightclubs:  )

 As I instagramed 2 weeks ago:

Mission Grill – Philadelphia is closed

” After six great years we are sad to say we are officially closed for business. We welcome all patrons at out sister restaurant, Public House, located right around the corner at 18th and Cherry. We thank all of you for your time spent here, and hope to see all of you soon at Public House – Thank you! Mission Management”