East Passyunk Bistro – Goes in Front of the Zoning Board Today w/New Plans & The Design

Today the partners (Chris Scarduzio & The Olitsky’s plus) for the East Passyunk Bistro go in front of Rezoning again today

1646-8 S 12th St (East Passyunk Bistro / old Artisan Boulanger building): Variance
for rear yard and open area space for by-right restaurant and three
apartments; liquor license transfer; and council ordinance for outdoor
sidewalk seating.

 Earlier this year their engineer found structural issues with the
building, instead of refurbishing the building, they’re going in front of the zoning commission to demolish the building.

 The zoning notice says the entire building will be demo’d and the two
lots 1646 and 1648 S 12th Street will become zoned one lot. The three
story building will have a restaurant on the first floor, and three
apartments in the rest of the building, which will include a roof deck.
Sounds great. The zoning hearing is scheduled for 8/14 at 1515 Arch
Streets. – Good luck, the new building looks beautiful.