Nearly everyone on my Twitter timeline headed to Citizen Bank Park on Tuesday night to see the #LegendsofSummer Tour.

They weren’t disappointed. Everyone I’ve talked to tells me it was a blast, one of the best concerts ever. Seamless in every way, it had a flow. Here’s what City Paper’s A.D. Amorosi. had to say:
“The largest part of the show’s success came down to two things, the
first being its pacing. There was not a moment wasted, what with the
liberal use of its side stages (JT popped up out of nowhere splashily
singing a jazzy cover of Sinatra’s “New York, New York” before Jay Z
took to a snazzy “Empire State of Mind”) and the trap door at stage
center that allowed one man to disappear from view while the other
appeared (as the shouts of “Hova” wafted in the breeze at the end of one
song, up popped JT with the next) to start the next song.”

Me, I didn’t make it, I was though on top of everything not going on inside the stadium. Larry Giuffra just so happened to roller blade by Monday evening about 7PM and saw Justin Timberlake get off the tour buses and go into the Four Seasons. (I know the tour buses, which contained the crew and band, continued on to the Sofitel where they were staying.)

The next day my friend Mollie Dronson headed over to the Four Seasons with a friend. (She didn’t have to wait long, and hour or two, and Justin popped out to head to the stadium. he was nice enough to pose for this shot.

Then snapped a paparazzi shot as he entered the car. What’s up with that orange phone?
Shortly before the concert I got a call to cover a VIP gig at Stratus Lounge, at the Hotel Monaco. A late night gig, but that’s about all they told me. It wasn’t til I got there did they tell me it was for HOVA.
JayZ is in a partnership with Barcardi for a new Cognac called  D’USSE, and every City he’s stopped in he attends their Official After Party. (Here’s an instagramed shot where he’s ballering it by pouring D’USSE into his newly won Grammy, crazy.)
The room was set up just as his people had requested. (You’ll recall I covered Dr J’s birthday party at Stratus Lounge. You can rent the whole floor out for events.)

At midnight word came that Jay Z decided to fly back to NYC and Beyonce,
but hold the liquor he’d be back in two weeks to party during the Made In America Festival Weekend. The D’ussi girls will be waiting for Jay Z’s return. There was another official after party happening a few blocks away at Sigma Sound Studios. Usually I go to these parties, but by the time I left Stratus, it was 130AM and I was beat. I headed home. WHAT A MISTAKE!!

  Justin Timberlake showed up to party, and boy did he. This is the only shot I could find that was taken inside the club. I hear the security was tight, and the body guards were big. NOTE: he’s wearing the same outfit as when he left the hotel earlier in the day. All hell broke lose when the next day the Daily Mail & other outlets carried shots of Justin leaving with a blond who was covering her head.

The next day I headed to the hotel to wish JT a safe bon voyage, as well as to ask him about the mystery blond. Here goes his and Jay Zs luggage, They had their own limo as JayZ coptored it back to NYC the night before.

While in Philly seems someone went to Barnes & Noble, had drinks from Neuro and picked up some great nostalgic wear from Mitchell & Ness.

One of the most exhilarating moments for a fan, and photographer is right before the celebrity departs the hotel. The fans are thinking “I’ve waited for this all my life” as they nearly cry with anticipation, me I;m thinking how’s this going to go down, as I try and remember to ask who’s the blond and did you make it to Geno’s Steaks like you normally do.

Thank god I got a few shots off before JT realized I was there.

He was in no mood and immediately asked me to stop taking photos
Which I did, I didn’t want to screw it up for the fans that were there to get a “photo with, with”, and I knew I had the photos I needed.
My other friend Ian and Justin. I love the big heart on Justin’s shirt.

Justin Timberlake and crew sped off to the airport and took a private plane to Miami for his final concert of the tour Friday night.