RANDOM SHOTS OF MY CHARLOTTE, PIGEON FORGE AND NASHVILLE VACATION (with Ghost sightings & Erin Como, Nash, Marisa Magnatta, Mom & Tracy)

These photos were uploaded in a crazy fashion

 A Nashville Street

 Erin Como and I

 Cousins Nash and Jim in Nashville near their home with cousin Emy

 Marissa and Mike after lunch, on a Nashville street. Marisa happened to be in town at the same time for a bacherlorette party

The ATT building in Nashville, is nicknamed “Batman”

The one thing on my bucket list was to see where Donna Summer was buried. She was the very first album I bought as a kid.

 I was all set to see her at the Latin Casino with a family friend, but then my mom heard that moaning song and forbade me. I was 12 at the time – LOL

 Brentwood, near Tim McGraw’s estate outside Nashville
 Nashville. It was hard to find anyone in Nashville with a Southern Accent. It was sad for me.

A view from the visitor’s station in the Smokies
I think this was an Elk in the Smokies
On our way to Charlotte to visit my family, Mike and I randomly stayed in the town of Lexington Va. I came across the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetary and there in the center was his plot
In the 2nd photo I took there was an “orb” about his plot. In the 3rd photo it was gone. So I shot it from another angle.
When I shot it from the side, there was the Orb again, see in the upper right corner. If it were a spec on my lens it would still have been closer to the statue. Plus My flash was the only light in the cemetery, so it wasn’t a reflection. Was it the ghost of Stonewall Jackson?

The city of Charlotte
The ghost of Jim and Tammy Baker. This once was Heritage USA, their resort and amusement park. It’s finally being torn down and houses are popping up all around it. (It’s about 15 minutes from Charlotte.)
The Smokie’s so beautiful

Mom with grandchildren Timmy and Ela, outside mom’s new home near Charlotte

Which bag is Mike’s? Which bag is Hughe’s?

Gatlinburg, TN
Pigeon Forge, TN
Is a lot like Wildwood. Lots of things to do, amusement parks. Very cheap hotels, like $59 a night. 
 We went to a dinner theater where they had loggers competing against each other.
 It was interesting.
 We didn’t go, but I saw the sign
The Wax Museum

 You commit the crime, they have a newspaper with your mugshot
 The Titanic Museum. Pretty cool. Took me three hours to go through. They have the sets from the movie in there.
 The view from our hotel. Mike loved going outside and feeding the ducks
Years ago when we were in Las Vegas he wanted to try the indoor skydiving, but it was out of commission. He finally took it off his bucket list as they have one in Pigeon Forge. We need one in Philly.