What do you wear when it’s nearly 90 F out, and humid as hell?
I wonder how long that face lasted?

 Those boots must have been heavy 7 hrs later
 Can we retire Twerking now?
 Orange is still in
 Wonder Woman has never gone out
Lots of folks were wearing their flag. I love how they got into the Made In America Spirit.
 An updated version of the ’60s headband
 Another use for a police car

A lot of folks I talked got a two day pass to the Festival. They stayed in our hotels, or with family nearby.

Wow, just wow
Playing a Molly game

WOW in a good way
I guess we know who the king is in their castle
I love photographing people who do selfies

Hi, I would like a pot leaf tattooed to my chest please

Notice how the ground is very clean, no trash at all. Really amazing

Curran J

Curran J. Swint Kings Rule Together. Defining what is most fashionable in the City.
 Check this video out where Curran J is chillin with Jay Z during the Beyonce concert.

Later today my Philly Mag column should go live and I’ll link it tomorrow, cause I’m going out now. Hope you caught my Fox 29 and B101 coverage. Tomorrow I’ll chat a little more about the layout of the Festival and add more celeb photos so they don’t clash with Philly Mag column. Thanks much. Chat soon. HughE