As stated in many of my media columns & interviews, this year’s Made in America really was great. One of the reasons it was great was the layout of the festival grounds.

The main entrance was at 22nd and The Parkway, but there were entrances at 22nd and Pennsylvania Ave, and on the south side at 22nd and the Parkway. At these entrances their were bag checks, and the security seemed to be more focused on weapons, 
 Sean and Scott at the water stop filling their camelback
thankfully they were laxed in allowing each person to carry more than one water bottle. The only drawback of each day was the heat, and the long lines at the water spots. Water was for sale at a reasonable $7 for a 24oz, but they sold out each day.

The crowds 6PM Saturday night

On the top of the Art Museum Steps was JayZ’s and Beyonce’s lair. On Saturday night, Beyonce’ descended the stairs onto the stage.
There were a lot of beer gardens at the Festival. Chicken Fingers and Fries $8

 This was one of the best moves from last year, moving the EDM/Electronic Dance Music stage off of the ball fields. Last year they were destroyed, mostly because it rained. This year they put the charity organizations here. Last year they were located near the entrance at 22nd Street, and people really just whized by them. This year they put them on the expansive field and added lots of picnic benches. It became a destination point and really got the attention it deserved.

I met two girls from Ireland at the Bud/Charity Park.

Backstage – There’s Wiz Khalifa catching the Kendrick Lamar show. He has his skateboard in his hand.
The Iroquios VIP Seats

 The press area
a few media people. So excited to have the media tent close to the Iroquois VIP seats.
There’s JayZ and Beyonce

Here’s the front shot from the Festival grounds. They were right there in plain site, some people noticed, but most were just really into the music. 

The fans for Solange
There’s the local VIP bi-level tent.
On Saturday I heard nearly the entire Flyers team was hanging out there, as well as Jason Thompson from the Sacramento Kings.
I checked it out on Sunday cause I wanted to see what kind of view they had. Thankfully I knew a few people and I got in. Marc Vetri was on the menu
Here are the photographers at the NIN concert. I had never heard their music before, I really liked it. I’m going to get the new CD which dropped Tuesday.  Nearly all the photographers were on assignments from newspapers, magazines, etc. I was credentialed under my blog, but serviced PhillyMag, Fox29 and B101. Not my wireservice. That was an exclusive for the top tier Getty Images shooters (the guys I worked with when Beyonce hired me to shoot her opening concert at Revel last year. Reme their were only three of us shooting. So fun.), like last year. Except last year a lot of shooters did send to the wires ervices too. They were not invited back. Maybe they were sued too because we have to sign exclusivity contracts stating where we are going to put the photos.
This year they added the “Bud Swing”
The festival goers did the best they could to contain the trash. Over night the Philadelphia Trash Department did an amazing job at trash clean up. The following day after the each concert, the grounds were as good as new.
  Budweiser arranged pick up service at the various hotels for VIP guests.

I can’t understand why I even heard one person grip about the ticket prices. I thought they were very reasonable $128 plus per day. Isn’t that a normal price for up close and personal spots at a concert? This is not the July 4th concert where it is free, this is 44 acts, some major headliners, and well that’s a lot of entertainment. Seems a lot of people gave up their 20 drinks at a bar, a pair of sneakers, a nice dinner or an outfit to attend and wasn’t looking for free. 
If worse comes to worse, you could’ve always hang outside the gates and hear the music for free.

 The only thing I didn’t love was the placement of the EDM stage. It was
kinda close to the Park Town Apartments, and so very loud. I know the
building is full of students, but there are some long time residents
there too.

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