Rumor Has It: Table 31 is Closing Mid-September

I’m really going to miss Table 31, the restaurant really played a significant part in my life and career. Whether it was the people I covered, the friends I made, the business meetings I had, Table 31 really played a major role in my life. It saddens me to see it close.


 But it makes sense too, as Chef Chris Scarduzio (center) is busy these days, very busy. He has a lot of exciting new projects happening including two new restaurants on the horizon (as well as running the successful Mia’s at Caesars in Atlantic City.) Scarduzio, who led Braserie Perrier, will serve as director of operations at the former Le Bec Fin space, now called Avance and helmed by Chef/owner Justin Bogle. Scarduzio is also bringing an Italian restaurant that focuses on seafood to the corner of 12th and Morris on the white hot East Passyunk corridor.

 Who can forget their Thursday night dance parties.
  I covered several parties that occurred on the plaza. What a great outdoor space to have a party.
 In my opinion one of the best al fresco dining experiences. (Yelp Photo)

Another rumor, the guy who owns Chops is taking it over. I hope he has SIPS as it was one of the most successful spots for the Center City District Program. (Foobooz photo) Look for a big blow out dinner on or about September 14, 2013, stop by and give the grand old lady a proper send off.