FRESHII HAS LEFT THE BUILDING & The Mexican Post is Closed

I was walking by last night and they were packing up on their last day.

Freshii was all about quick, healthy food and opened in 2011 to much fanfare.

 And although they always seemed busy at lunchtime, they were kinda dead in the evening.

 I liked it when it first opened, but stopped going cause my clothes always smelled of fried fresh food, plus it really was anything but fast food. I was surprised they lasted this long. No word for their future cause I was in a hurry to shoot the Stratus Lounge Prom Party. Michael Klein reports that another restaurant near City Hall closed, the Mexican Post. I did like that place, but never really visited cause I always forgot where it was located, hidden over in the bushes across from the MSB Building. Wish there was one in Center City proper.