Tuesday’s Snow Day Photos – Did He Just Pop the Question?

Tuesday’s snow was one of the best. Light, flaky and stayed on the branches. That snow always makes for the most picturesque shots. Then as I was out and about, the sun broke through the clouds, another rarity for someone that has free time to go out and shoot.

So often when I had a 9 – 5 job, I would sneak out early to capture these shots, or show up at work a couple hours later, or just angst away wondering will there be any scenes to capture after the close of the work day.
Would there be virgin snow, or would it have been trampled. I was pleasantly surprised there was hardly anyone out between 2 & 5PM
  there wasn’t enough snow on the front of the art museum steps,
 so people took to the back hills
by any means necessary

So many choices for Christmas and Holiday Cards next year. I think I need to go back to creating photo greeting cards. That was so much fun.

 Definitely my favorite photo of the day

 Something I noticed at the top of the Art Museum Steps. On the far left they cleared the steps all the way down to the street for guests, then in the center of the steps they cleared it for
 the Rocky imprints so tourist could stand where he stood and take photos or feel the Eye of the Tiger

 I love how the gal is just sitting on the bench reading her book
 Everyone in this photo is either taking a photo or just took a photo

 OMG I was so excited was he going to pop the question
I love you, I love you too, let’s take a selfie to remember this moment!