Photos: Eddie Bruce and the Philly Pops – Also Sunday The Philly Pops Holiday Show

I’m a little behind as you know…

Eddie Bruce opened for the Philly POPS at the Kimmel Center and invited
his supporters for a cocktail reception prior to his debut on October
11, 2013. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, proceeds went to
support Breast Health International Fund for Living Program.
Ellen Lee, Eddie Bruce, and Lynn Honickman

 Lou Rose, Claire Rose, Annette Simmons, and Alan Simmons
 Gary Gremminger, Lisa McGraw, Shelley Schwartz and Gordon Schwartz; Founders of Foundation for Breast and Prostate Health
 Brian Kappra and Cissy Block
Jeffrey and Margie Honickman

Eddie Bruce and Maestro Michael Krajewski

Bottom Photo by Sharla Feldscher

The Philly POPS’ concerts appeal to all musical tastes! This
one-of-a-kind orchestra performs with playful sophistication as
audiences respond with unbridled enthusiasm. There’s no doubt about it –
POPS concerts are all about having fun! Holiday Show: 12/11 – 12/21