Flying in/out of Philly, Check out Scott Weiner’s “I’m In Philly” Exhibit in Terminal F Plus I say Bon Voyage to Austin Mahone

photographer Scott Weiner has been taking photographs since the mid-1970s. From
the very beginning of his career, he was interested in concert photography. As
a young photographer, Weiner would buy tickets to shows and take photographs
from his seat.

in college studying radio, television, and film at Temple University, he sold
his first professional photograph to the
Philadelphia Inquirer. It was a backstage
photo of the now legendary musician Leon Russell. The next day, Weiner sold the
remaining photos of Russell to the artist’s record label. Weiner has been a
professional photographer ever since.

later, while working for the magazine Philadelphia
, Weiner routinely photographed celebrities who came to Philadelphia. At
one point, his editor commented that a particular photo wasn’t “Philly enough.” 
Weiner replied, “What do I have to do, shoot celebrities with a sign saying
‘I’m in Philly?’” So he did.


then, Weiner has worked on a series of photographs that he describes as a
“secret project.” At the end of each photo session, he gives the celebrity a
handmade sign that reads, “I’m in Philly,” and he takes one final shot. Using
signs drawn by his daughter, he carries them to every photo shoot. Today, he
has accumulated nearly 90 I’m in Philly
photographs from politicians and well-known personalities to musicians and
 Scott with  The Hooters—Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman
 Former Gov Ed Rendell (who’s in a photo with President William Jefferson Clinton
 Mark Gale,Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Ed Rendell

 Andre Gardner – afternoons on Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK/Philadelphia. Uber-Beatles freak. Vegetarian foodie. Chronic joie de vivre. 
Chats about the exhibit as Mark Gale looks on.

 Gov Rendell, Rob Hyman, Mark Gale, Scott Weiner , Eric Bazilian and Andre Gardner

Weiner’s collection of 90 celebrities holding up signs reading “I’m in Philly” are on exhibit through April 2014 in the connector between Terminals E and F. They’re really great. My favorite one is Brittany Snow, so adorable.

collection of 90 celebrities holding up signs reading “I’m in Philly”
are on exhibit through April 2014 in the connector between Terminals E
and F. – See more at:
 Then I conveniently walked over to the Marriott Airport Hotel to get a shot of Austin Mahone after he performed at the Jingle Ball the evening before and was flying out to his next gig. Earlier I sent a couple of my friends over there to keep tabs and timing for me, just in case I missed him. I made it just in time for Austin to check out for his 1:45PM flight. It was odd he got into an SUV and drove to the terminal, which was behind this building, even though he could have checked in to the USAirways from the VIP Skyway.

It was just as well as these fangirls were waiting for him

I like how he’s looking back at his mom with that look that says “Can you believe this, they want my photo?” Now with the news that Bieber is retiring, welcome to superstardom Austin Mahone. Remember that great snap I got of him leaving Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in South Philly?