The Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation Gala – Photos, Friends, and A great organization

Every year the Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation
provides over 325 mammograms and 200 diagnostic tests, breast health
information to over 5,000 women, field numerous calls every week to
women who have just “found” a lump, and help women and their families
survive the financial crunch that often comes with cancer treatment.

Donna M. Duncan, MBA Executive Director and Patricia K. Bradley, Ph.D., RN President with
Volunteer Recognition Awards:

John Whitelaw, Suzanne H. Kaye Advocacy Award (John is a graduate of Standford Law School and has worked for legal aid and community legal services since 1995. John has worked with Linda Creed on many difficult cases.) Linda Lopez, Spirit of Hope Award (Breast cancer has touched Linda Lopez’s life, and has used her personal story to help others.) and I was honored to receive the Gene Kaplan Volunteer Award for volunteering my photography services for the past 7 years as well as raising money for the organization. What an amazing honor, really, especially coming from Shirlee Kaplan. 

The day was also a remembrance for Remembering:
Beverly Brownstein (r), with Carol Saline, a long time volunteer and friend of the Linda Creed Foundation.
Linda Creed co-wrote many amazing songs including The Greatest Love of All, made famous by Whitney Houston, Betcha By Golly Wow by the Stylistics and The Rubberband Man by The Spinners.(crazy the other day when I was at Revel the Rubberband Man played and I won $300 on a slot machine during it’s duration. That never happened. It’s kinda like every time I play “Prove it all Night” by Bruce Springsteen I have bad luck, wish I had remembered that on Saturday.)
 Beverly Kraut, Shirlee Kaplan, and Patricia Niemtzow, MS
 Peggy Greway, Colleen Pierzynski and mom Susan Pierzynski. Susan worked with my father at Virtua Hospital, while her sister Peggy rented the apartment that used to be my house growing up in Audubon NJ til I was 9. My dad converted the big house into an apartment and doctors offices.
Jeff Kellmer Jeweler donated a lovely bracelet that was auctioned off during the live auction. It’s on this lovely ladies wrist as Linda Creed Board Member Pat Friel and radio DJ Marilyn Russell from BenFM looks on.
Sherri Savett and Bernie Jacobs
Brett, Michael and Berny Brownstein. Berny’s wife Beverly was also honored at the day’s luncheon. It was this past spring that the duo celebrated their 50th Anniversary, and 43rd year in business with Brownstein Group Brand Communications in Philadelphia.
Carol Saline and Moi. Carol’s daughter Sharon and I went to school together in Cherry Hill NJ growing up.

Mike, Susie Celek and Penny, Eviama Day Spa
Alexander Hankin, Katie Griffin, Stacey Kracher, Kristyn Aldrich and Ian M Crumm came by to support my big day.
 I have the best friends you could ever ask for, so supportive, and they have my back. They advise me, nurture me and love me with all my flaws. They’re not all pictured here, but you know who you are. Thank you so much, I am who I am because of your support.
co-chairs Mary Olson and Isabel Momenee
 Kathy Lentini, Immediate Past President
There’s a game that’s played every year at the luncheon, and the winner gets the centerpiece. So fun to see my friends Tony Bruno, Robin Austin, Tony Luke and his girlfriend Maria Trofu
Terri Weiss, Elaine Chakor, Nancy Kaplan and Marlene Lubin
Thanks to Aversa Pr, and Maria Papadakis for their sponsorship in the program. I know more of my friends would have done so had I given them enough time. 

Please help out the Linda Creed Foundation,
keep the money local and for the people suffering from this terrible
disease that might not be so fortunate to have health insurance. (source) Have a wonderful Christmas Eve, and for my readers that don’t celebrate the holiday, have a wonderful day of Chinese and Movies. Don’t forget the Roxy Theater is open now. That is the greatest gift for Rittenhouse Sq. of late. Tomorrow I will have the cutest entry about Christmas Trees and holiday fun photos I took off from SM.