Happy New Year. Oh I had planned big this year, was going to go party hopping as I mentioned on Fox 29 on Tuesday, but after the first fun party hosted by the Penns Landing Corp, Mike and I decided to get Chinese, watch a movie (it was horrible – Guilt Trip with Babs), and bring in the new year at home.

Thank you to the Penns Landing Corp for inviting Mike and I to your party again this year. So awesome to watch the fireworks from the Chestnut Mall.

DRWC: Blue Cross Riverrink

Josh Gordon and Julia Greenberger, with mom and dad Greta Greenberger and Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger
Monica Williams, Ron Allen, Jymm Mitchell and Sam Lewis
Fireworks from our terrace in Fairmount (with a long lens). In the past we’ve had parties, but this year decided on low key. 
How about these gigantic Eagles placards at the Phila Art Museum. Plus I love the four peeps walking down the stairs in their New Year’s Day finest.
I love that moms, dads and kids and everyone can be in the mummers parade now. It definitely saved it.
So adorable. Thank you to the Mummers who put in so much work to put on a show for us.

*UGH #Fail #WHY Someone go find him and ask him please?
I was completely shocked that this guy wore blackface in the Mummers
Parade. It’s 2014, WTF. The mummers are a beloved tradition who have
evolved into a very inclusive organization. Women, people of all
nationalities, GLBTQ march in the parade today. Why this guy chose to
wear blackface is anybody’s guess. Doesn’t he have any friends? Even if
he’s lacking values, aren’t there rules about this? I did think long and
hard before I tweeted this photo out yesterday as I didn’t want anyone
to paint a broad brush and blame all the mummers, but it wasn’t me who
wore black face in public, but it is me who says this has to stop, so I
published it.
Thanks to Sugar House Casino for using our ie my losses to fund the Mummers and so many other great events in Philadelphia. You don’t have to, and they would still go, but you do and that’s great.

This series could be called “What Happened Next.”
I asked them if they’d like me to take the photo with their camera, then one with mine. Everything went well
opps then that equilibrium kinda went whacked
Frank Rizzo with a murse
everyone got a smile out of it
except her
Turkey Hill was giving out free ice cream, and even if it’s 35F out people like free, and ice cream. Here’s Tim and Mike enjoying a bite.

So fun
He put on his head for me w/o asking, and struck a pose. That was awesome
Chris Konopka goalkeeper for Toronto FC of Major League Soccer and boyfriend of Maria Papadakis. We were all just down in AC over the weekend at the Borgata enjoying David Guetta and celebrating Maria’s bday. We had a delicious dinner at Michael Schulson’s Izakaya restaurant too.
The Union League always has a nice crowd out front. I decided I didn’t want to navigate through the crowds and would hit up a party at the Ritz Residence. Sorry Kimmel Center, I never made it down to your resolution wall. My resolution is to be more present, more authentic, and continue to promote the good, and not too bad, in Philly. Looking for nominations.
High Fives are always welcomed

Thanks to Tania Schade and Marc Schade, Realtor at Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., for inviting us to their party, three years in a row now. That’s a tradition.
Anna and Lisa
The gals

Jenny, Tania, Moi, Mike and Evan Thanks to Giovanni for taking the photo.
Finally thanks to you PCC total views for 2013 – 1.7 million. An increase of 350,000 over 2012.