Photos: William Way Happy Hour at the Storied Pen & Pencil Club

 Paul Blore, Marqise Lee and Ben Waxman hosted a happy hour at the Pen & Pencil Club to support the Out & Faithful committee
at William Way Community  LGBT Community Center. Out & Faithful is the
Center’s program that provides space for exploration of LGBT-affirming
spirituality and religion in the LGBT community.

particular, the event is raising money for an upcoming storytelling
event that will feature five local congregations and their ongoing work
to become increasingly more LGBT-inclusive and affirming.

 Marquiee Lee, Chris Bartlett,  ‎Executive Director at William Way Community Center , Paul Blore and Ben Waxman 

Tim Adams and Marvin Bocha, HRC Gala Co-Chair March 8th
Loews hotel
 Anne and Sara
Michael Krasulski, Michael Smith and Bryan Butler
 Kelly, Alyssa, Shay, Christine and Lauren
 Martin Rembert, Clint Brody, Dustin Adamski and Aaron Wong
 Marquiee Lee, Chris Bartlett, Paul Blore and Ben Waxman
 Paul Steinke (or as I like to call him, our next City Councilman at Large) and Donald Carter
 Rich, Bruce and Rohan
Tim Adams, Paul Blore and Phub
Chris Bartlett,  ‎Executive Director at William Way Community Center and Adam Hymans

 Barbara Gindhart and Mark Mitchell
 Nego, Rachel and Lucille