The 2014 Flower Show Green Room Host Audition Tapes – Hot or Hot Mess?

New in 2014, the Flower Show will have a social media hotspot called the Green Room. 

PHS is currently in the process of selecting a dynamic extrovert with
endless energy to be the first-ever host of the Green Room, a new
interactive Flower Show attraction. The application process is now
closed, but click here to vote for your favorite wannabe host. Details about the gig are below.

I’ve included a few of my favs, friends and of course a hot mess or two.
I’m not voting for anyone, cause I know 1/2 of the folks who signed up. I did list a few of my favorites, a few hot and a few hot messes. Check them out…here then head over to The Shops of Liberty Place on 2/12/14 to check out the auditions of the top vote getters-

1PM – 3PM in the Rotunda.

Alexander Hankin – He lives high above Rittenhouse Square so he knows what a tree looks like, he proclaims.


Sexy Katy Beaver, you remember her from that dress last year at Hair of the Dog, right?

Trying to guess what his business is? Dexter is that you?

Danny Z is bringing back the Pee Wee Herman style. Plus he still has his Christmas Tree up (The audition request went out around 1/15/14).

Gina Gannon. Neat flower side bar.
Marisa Millerick – I want to be her BFF. LOVE LOVE HER
(I’ve never met her, I just love her video & personality.) 
I think she was raised in the jungle or a lily field?

Ashlyn Gardner – Joe Conklin’s Job is Safe
Dave P. – I bet his profile is a hoot.

Francesca Ruscio, Miss Philadelphia 2013 – She gets extra points cause she filmed the Alexander Hankin audition tape. Either she’s not worried about competition, or she really likes the view from his terrace?

Twins – double the fun
Rachel Luber, she’s a people person
Melanie Renee‘ – Pretty in Pink
Miss Knockout from Queens. She does have all that, but I’d knock her out cause she’s not from Philly.
Aleksandra Svetlichnaya – The Russian Women are not like your grandfather’s Russian Women
Shannon DeVido – Adorable, very funny.

Mr. Pregnant – If Mr French had a child, this would be him

Stephen Beasley gives a running list what makes him unique, failing to mention he did his entire Green Room audition tape while crossing the street. (Oh and he’s from Kentucky, so no.)

I was impressed with
Damian M. video. He went to Longwood Gardens to tape it.


On 2/12/14 at the Shops of Liberty Place, the top vote getters will audition in public between

1PM + 3PM in the Rotunda.