#whyilovephilly – Philadelphian’s are Resilient and The Hugging Man Encounter

Yesterday while I was out chronicling how resilient Philadelphian’s were coping with the latest record snowfall

It would be nice if the City shoveled the Spring Garden Street Bridge’s sidewalk. It’s the link between West Philly and Fairmount where a lot of the students live. It’s these little things that might have the kids saying, after graduation I won’t move away as the City seemed to care and not see me tumble over the low rail into the Schuylkill below or get hit by a bus walking in the street, as I make my way to school, just saying.


I came across Andrey Tsvikevich – The Free Hug Guy, and his photographer – Yury Belazor. I decided to follow them on their journey on hugging receptive Philadelphian’s check out those photos here in my PhillyMag column/