A man of a thousands voices Joe Conklin thought Philly needed something more than just the Wing Bowl to tie folks over between sporting seasons, and created this idea of roasting a Philadelphia Sports Athlete. And what a great time had by all. The night started out with a VIP cocktail party in the atrium of the Crystal Tea Room where guests dined on passed butlered hourdouvers, and notables walked the red carpet.

 Susie Celek, Skin Palette and mistress of ceremonies,  Natalie Egenolf of
WIP, Cindy Webster, marketing director for Marketing Director for 98.1 WOGL,
SportsRadio 94/610 WIP, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, and Julie Dorenbos, Skin Palette and mistress of ceremonies,
 Ron and Karen Johnson

Michael Mandale and Craig Robinson

Rob Molinaro of Chorus Communications team
 Lisette Gonzalez and Sam Hoggs
 Maria Cronin and Perry Camerlengo, Luxury Limos
 Harold Shaw and Dallas Shaw pause for a selfie
 Lauren Westerman and Helda Schmitt
 The proceeds from the event went to Mary Kate’s Legacy Foundation, an
organization that helps families with special needs children, as well as All Hands Working Foundation, an organization that helps with
firefighter health and wellness.
 Dustin Stover and Cherisse Cavan
 Santa needs to eat too
Lisa Kevnard Gind and 2 Lovely Scores Ladies, Betty Boop and Daria

 Joe Yocavitch (JML Financial), Melissa Leonard and Tracy Kelly
 Aida Sparta and Stacey Kracher
 Kelley Quigley and Stu Bykofsky
 Reuben Harley would like a new camera for Christmas and thought he’d ask early
The winner of a contest, Kevin Matuszak.
 Damon Feldman – someone said when they cart him off to jail he can wear this shirt cause it already has prison stripes on it.
 Joe Conklin & The City All-Stars of Comedy at Keswick Theatre 3/28 8PM
Loretta Runyan, Renee Reese and Melissa Young
 Al Anderson, Sarah Cooperson and Leah Figher
Terrell Owens has a thick skin. When the doors to the grand ballroom closed, the room was reminiscent of Vegas, what was said there stayed there. I was able to get permission to write about a few quips, as well as snap a few photos from inside, read them in my  PhillyMag column HERE.