A few weeks ago I told you about a new TV show that would be filming in and around Philadelphia called “How To Get Away With Murder” starring Oscar nominated Viola Davis, (below in green coat.) Davis plays Annalise DeWitt, a law professor at fictitious Philadelphia Ivy League School called Middleton University. 
 The show is produced by Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, the production team of Shondaland which created Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.
 Over the weekend they were filming in and around City Hall. Although it was somewhat warm out on Saturday, the scene called for the actors to film w/o coats on. Thus a big pile of coats in the foreground.
The employee’s of City Hall recieved this memo
“The filming is taking place in various common areas (hallways, interior
and portal stairwells, exterior portals, etc) in City Hall. 

You may
notice that there will be equipment that will begin arriving as early as
Friday morning. The 6th Floor NE Men’s room will be utilized and is
being “dressed” for a scene.” I spy
Matthew Nadu. 

The scene was a press conference, and there were news vans and “reporters” there. There were two nondescript vans, and one 6ABC news van, as the pilot is being pitched to ABC. 
 The actors break for lunch.
 There really aren’t any big named celebrities attached to the show, besides Viola Davis, but there are significant stars of the future. Here’s Jack Falahee, he was most recently on Twisted (TV Series). 

He’s been seen about town with co-star Matt McCorry. They’ve been to El Vez, the Mutter Museum and they work out at PSC on Market Street.
 Matt McGorry is best known for playing a guard in “Orange is the New Black.”
 Alfie Enoch was a character actor in Harry Potter.  Liza Weil is also starring in the TV Pilot. You may remember her as Amanda Tanner from Scandal. Another Shonda Rhimes vehicle.