The Calamari Sisters extended to May 4, here’s shots from the opening party at The Penns Landing Playhouse

The outrageously funny and sassy duo, known as the Calamari
Sisters, opened their new show ‘The Calamari Sisters’ Big Fat Italian Wedding’
on  February 20th the Penns Landing Playhouse (located in the Independence Seaport Museum) and runs through April
13 wait WOW just extended to MAY 4. You might remember the 2012 Society Hill Playhouse run of Cooking with The
Calamari Sisters, which introduced us to the wacky duo. Now marriage is on
their minds and hilarity ensues. Last week was the “Opening Night Party”,
catered by Brulee Catering. The run is sponsored by Geno’s Steaks and
Cappuccio’s Meats.
The Calamari Sisters on Stage. I caught the last 45 minutes, as I was photographing the Container Store Opening, and it was hysterical. I can’t wait to take Mike to see the whole show.

Jay Falzone, Geno Vento, and Stephen Smith

Tom Longo, Metro Man and Pat Wright

Mary Lou and Vince DeFruscio

Joe Hull and Jim Ward

Larry Cohen, Brulee Catering and Maria Malone

Brian Whalen and Michelle Boyles

Carolyn Ceniccola and Logan Thompson

Brian Zaslow, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Debbie

Jenkins, Kevin Stout and Bryan Abrams


Ventresca and Christina Bauch

Altomare and Ryan Landis

Lana Deangelis and James Rindone

Dr Thannja
Hamilton and David Weiss both are heading to Saturday nights Young Friends of NMAJH Purim Party

Kylie Flett,
Neff & Assocs and Evan Connolly