The Baker’s Jar Opening Night Party

The Baker’s Jar opened its doors in early 2014 with the goal of
putting a new spin on classic desserts with uncompromising attention to
taste and presentation.  Our priorities at the Baker’s Jar are
straightforward: simplicity, sweetness and just the right amount of

Each one of our scrumptious cakes, pies, and puddings is
perfectly portioned and elegantly packaged in its very own Mason jar.
 The result, a menu full of carefully considered, beautifully baked
treats, whose exposed layers leave your mouth watering and your mind
stumped as to which flavor to choose (our advice: all of them).

Free of
frills and even crusts, the only thing between you and one of our
delectable creations is, quite literally, the baker’s jar

Avery Goldman (3rd from left) understands the importance of local food and its effect on a community. Hailing from New Haven, CT, a place defined by its culinary achievements (home to the first hamburger and #1 ranked pizza), After graduating from Earlham College, a small liberal arts school in
rural Indiana, Avery chose Philadelphia as her new home for the small
town feel of its diverse and distinctive neighborhoods.  She worked for
several years in bakeries and catering companies around the city before
choosing to focus on a place of her own in 2013. 

It wasn’t until she
had a firm idea of what her shop would offer, and why, that Avery broke
ground on The Baker’s Jar-a neighborhood bakery serving up a variety of
deserts with equal parts form and function.  Now, in 2014, Avery is
ecstatic to bring her aesthetic and mouthwatering creations to the
community she’s grown to love and the neighborhood she calls home.

 I went to the opening of the Baker’s Jar, which I found to be a really unique idea. Unfortunately I was on my 1075th diet so I didn’t have any. My friends loved it, especially the Carrot Cake. The party was over a month ago, and you know what happens sometimes, I misplace my notebook, so we’re just going to enjoy these photos.

 Desserts are available in two different sized mason jars — mini-jars for $3.50 and standard jars for $5.
The Baker’s Jar 625 S16th St. Philadelphia, PA

If you bring the mason jar back you’ll receive $.50
 There’s only a few seats at the store, so it’s more of a carry out place.

Emily Tharp, (r) founder of Her Philly, a lifestyle blog for young women dining, shopping, playing & living in the city of Philadelphia is everywhere lately.

The Baker’s Jar
When: Tuesday-Sunday; Closed on Mondays
Where: The Baker’s Jar, 625 S. 16th Street
Cost: Pay as you go
More info: