Latest Links to My Party Photos at PhillyMag and & Philly Daily News w/Molly Eichel plus #PCCInsider

Sorry about not posting on Monday. I keep failing at my #1 rule which is bloggers must post everyday to be taken seriously, as well as to feed the Google Gods. Anyway, I was feeling a little under the weather so I slept in til about 10AM, but progress doesn’t wait for me to stop hitting snooze.

The snow that falls tonight, will not be enough to sled on the Art Museum Steps.

I immediately went to work on getting columns up in Phillydotcom and PhillyMag.  I’ll put them up first. PS I don’t send photos out people, sorry. I don’t have time, and even when I used to sell them for $7 they just never moved, and most of the time when I am hired for a job the photos I don’t use in my media outlets go back to the client for media distribution, and usually at some point they post them on their FB pages.

Manna’s Shut Up and Dance

 The Dunton Brothers

PhillyDotCom Photos: Goals for Giving Hockey Benefit at Flyers Skate Zone Read more at 

Thanks to Philly Daily News’ Molly Eichel for publishing a photo from the event.

Nissan LEAF® Electric Car: 100% Electric. 100% Fun. people were fascinated by it.

Sponsor of Zarwin Baum’s March Madness Party


Sometimes on twitter or on my blog, I like to give you a little #PCCInsider on how I do things. I love looking at an event, and seeing where the photos would fit in my media outlets. I don’t get the final say, I have editors who make that decision, but I’m grateful they put a lot of trust in me too.

I try not to have competing columns on the same subject in both my and columns, but it was a 9hr party. I was hired for 4.5 of the hours, but I stayed for the 9hrs as the shifts were separated by 3 hrs and well there was free food, friends and people. If I had left during my off hours I would have missed Todd and Brent as they came at 3PM. Anyway, if you look at both columns you’ll see I was true to each of the brands the outlets represent. (Inside tidbits) Photos: 12th annual Zarwin Baum March Madness Party at the Crystal Tea Room Read more at

PhillyMag Online

Zarwin Baum 12th Annual March Madness Watching Party

Thanks for your support. I promise not to miss any more days of posting. It’s like my diet, if I cheat then it takes me forever to get back on it. So a few weeks back I missed a post, and now I’ve missed four dagnabbit.