Back before the cupcakes became the rage, steakhouses were the rage and it seemed like one was opening up ever other week.
The well heeled, the who’s who, 
Uche Ojeh and Sheinelle Jones, Fox 29 & Good Day Philly for one more day
sports and news figures, the movers and
shakers walked the red carpet of the new carnivore/seafood steakhouse
that once housed the Kellemer Jewelers store before they moved uptown. 
The economy was not kind to the opulent steakhouse, as well as several behind the scenes dramas, and it closed at the end of 2012. (the beautiful interior was done by DAS Architects)
The building lingered for awhile with rumors rampant that the owners would try and open the place (or maybe the Cheesecake Factory would open there), but then in the spring of 2013 the facade began to fall apart and L&I posted signs for them to correct the problem or they would tear it down. (OK as if that was really going to happen.)

The building was sold in December 2014 to 715-717 Chestnut Street Corporation, dba as Parkway Corporation – FOR $4.2 Million

Parkway headed by magnate, owner Joseph Zuritsky also bought the adjoining parking lot next door to Union Trust. (It used to be a 5 Star).

Don’t fret, they’re not tearing it down, it’s becoming a catering hall and Finley Catering will be taking over the operations. A Finley catering source told me they will be gutting the entire building to create another spectacular event space for me to photograph the well heeled, reporters and sports figures as well as my people. Look for the new rental space to be available for the busy holiday season.