“Live with Kelly & Michael”, 6ABC Adam Joseph and viewers of 6ABC

Yesterday I headed to the  “Live with Kelly & Michael” show in NYC with 6ABC Adam Joseph, Clear Channel’s NicoleNik the Web Chick” Michalik.,Kristy Sevag (SevagPR)
and Mike Monsell, VP / CSD at WPVI. It was fun to go inside the studio, as I had been a paparazzi at their stage door for many years when I photographed celebrities in NYC btwn 2007 – 2010

 and 60 viewers of 6ABC. Nearly 20,000 people entered the contest to secure a spot. Very impressive.
 Kristy Sevag (SevagPR) team is checking in the guests at the meeting spot, Sugarhouse Casino

 Adam was our host, and what a great guy, he made muffins for everyone and handed them out. Sweet.

  He chatted with everyone, signed autographs and posed for selfies.
We’re lined up at the ABC Studio in NYC and I had to put my SLR away. The following are from my new phone the Samsung Note 3.
There’s Gelman. He is a no nonsense guy. He’s telling us how to applaud.
Everyone is into Social Media now. The future is now. At the show you’re allowed to photograph with your phones. People are not too insane about it, and it’s not obtrusive, I was probably the worse person doing it – LOL. NO FLASH PLEASE!
The studio is very intimate, Kelly and Michael are seated nearby by and you can check out all the nooks and crannies, and nuances of what they are saying.
Daniel Radcliffe was the first guest. He’s appearing in the new movie Frankenstein, and on Broadway.
Seriously Nick Cannon, that “leopard” hair? During the commercials Kelly and Michael chat and pose with many of the audience members. It’s very nice.
 After the show Michael and Kelly were getting ready to do an interview with Adam when Adam’s brother Hank called. Kelly chatted with him for a bit. They met before. It was cute. This freed Michael up to pose with the fans.
 Then the interview, which will be aired today on 6ABC at 4PM.
Rumor has it that Michael is going to do double duty at GMA and his own show. Guess he’ll have to jet to the studio by 9AM as it’s at 68th and Broadway, and GMA Studios are at 44th and Broadway.
Photo Credit: David Russell/Disney-ABC Domestic TV – That’s me in back row 3rd from right.

I’ve photographed Kelly Ripa several times; once one of my shots was in Us Magazine. It was from this event I went to.

 Thanks to 6ABC for inviting me to join them on the jaunt to see “Live with Kelly and Michael”