Sir Links A Lot – More of the Weeks Party Pictures, Inside Stories and Links to My Media Outlets

The Philadelphia Social Season is in full swing, and I’ve been hitting up as many events as I can fit in. Here are the links to some of the events I’ve gone to, and if I’ve photographed you hopefully you’ll find your photos there. If you’re not there don’t fret, some of these were client shoots and you might find the photos on the hosts Facebook Page or other SM.

Here are shots of my two favorite cakes at City of Hope’s Let Them Eat Cake. Over 500 people attended.

 This is a photo of the room at 645PM

Either way it was a great event, with delicious cakes and amazingly decorated.

Here’s the line to the first cake station.

Here’s the Link to my column on I hope next year they return to a larger venue like last year’s Merion Catering, because it is an awesome event and it grows every year.

This year nearly every vendor had their cake samples wrap individually, as per the crack down of the health department.


 I was so impressed by what the Qatar team did with the Ritz-Carlton. They removed all the furniture from the Ten Arts lounge, put in a few high tops and a buffet table, a stage for a band and very little seating. It was a very enjoyable cocktail hour.
 This was the hallway leading to the ballroom downstairs. They draped the walls and put photos up of what you can expect to find when you fly Qatar. The flower arrangements are from Beautiful Blooms.  For the first time ever the stage was placed on the right side of the room. It was a great idea.
 The food was delicious.
Maria Papadakis was the Emcee
Boyz II Men were excited to perform and pose for photos afterwards.
Here’s the columns with the rest of the stories in and 
East Passyunk Easter Egg Hunt
So fun on Saturday
One of the first Easter Egg Hunts of the season and it was packed. It was supposed to be from 11 to 1PM but ran right up to 2PM

Great event. The Vie was the most crowded ever, It was a great big party, random seating, a huge dance floor. It was all about raising money, and partying. Chair for the event was George Norcross.