So crazy busy this week, sorry I’ve neglected PhillyChitChat. I am populating my media outlets alot this week, but I promise to be good to you next week PCC.  Here are the links to Philly Dot Com and Philly Mag regarding the Bank and Bourbon VIP Opening night party.

Thanks so much for your patience as I try and find a balance in my life and post more on PCC, but I do tweet a lot through out the day, do you follow me @IPhillyChitChat .

Bank and Bourbon, I’ve eaten there twice and I really enjoy it.–Bourbon-Grand-Opening.html

Pork Chop – OMG so good, and on the night of the party they paired with with Grits that were out of this world. It’s a side dish, so order it. Yum.

Cauliflower Soup. If you go to my Instagram: PhillyChitChat, you will see the video of it being created at the table.

This is the new LOEWS Lobby, I love it. You can order a lite snack or drink here. They have WiFi. I think this will be my new “work office” when I’m in town and need to kill an hour or two. Don’t tell anyone.
The best dessert in the City right now. The Butterscotch, and vanilla ice cream sundae, with chocolate covered popcorn. Tell them I sent you.