MIKE’S TRIP TO 3rd Annual Philly Farm & Food Fest on Behalf of, let’s see what he’s found…

I was booked on Sunday, and Mike is a big clean food, goat milk drinking guy, so he wanted to go cover the 3rd Annual Philly Farm & Food Fest on behalf of PhillychitChat. Let’s see what caught his eye…

 Mike donned his favorite T-Shirt

Food Philly and PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable
Agriculture) teamed up for the 3rd time to bring you Philly Farm & Food Fest.  Featuring over 120 local farmers,
food artisans and sustainable businesses, attendees will be able to
taste, shop, and learn their way through a variety of lectures,
demonstrations and guided tastings.

 Judy Wicks was on hand and signed books

 Hope Cohen was on hand to sign her latest book “Fast, Fresh and Simple”

 He was surprised that someone handing out samples of ice cream had a jar that said “We Pay Our Rent With Tips” wondering if they made the $2.10 that people who really do pay their rent with tips gets.